Extending market orders

With the new market changes everyone pays a load more for relisting. one of the downsides of this is that markets with little movement are now much more difficult to stock. If you are seeding a remote market you need to seed a lot of items many of which will not sell. Once the 90-day mark rolls around you then need to pay the relist fee on all of those items, which then cuts into the profit. As many seeded markets are designed around providing availably rather than profiteering, this can be a problem.

Would it be possible to have the option to extend an order without changing it’s price, with a much lower fee for doing so? For example, you could have the ability to add 30 days to a given order as long as the order had less than 30 days left. This would ensure people have to log in more often to keep their orders running this way but would help prevent the death of remote markets.


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It could use the same skill as relisting to reduce the cost, too.

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Very good point!!! Given that there is a fixed-cost component to the relist fee, there should be a separate extend mechanism if the relist fee isn’t going to change but extensions are to be facilitated.

As much as Lucas and I disagree on everything, I think we may be in agreement here, which might be an indicator that CCP has made a mistake. At least, I think we agree there is a problem, even though we may disagree on the solution.

The broker fee is a significant tax, to either change a listing or extend it past 90 days. If you look at sites such as Amazon or Ebay, they charge a nominal flat fee, something like 35 cents regardless of the sale price. In contrast, CCP is charging a percentage of the total sale price, even if the object does not sell. This is onerous.

CCP seems to be operating under a delusion that the Jita market is equivalent to the New York Stock Exchange, when it is actually a Wal-Mart. Imagine if Wal-Mart had to pay a tax everytime they ran a coupon for eggs. Imagine if you had to sign up to buy gas for your car at a fixed rate for the next 90 days, and you would get penalized for adjusting your price. Nobody wants to do business under such conditions.

This is simply not conducive to trade. EVE has already long suffered with vast regions that are economic dead zones. Nobody wants to mine there, fight there, or trade there. Nobody wants to risk a significant amount of isk to order items, or sell items, knowing that they might wind up with nothing but a giant tax bill. This update represents an increased tax upon trade itself. In a normal, functioning economy, it is normal to tax profit - but in this case, the shopkeeper is paying a sales tax even if they have no customers.

No wonder there isn’t a market in most systems. The market has been shrinking for years, and this is simply going to shrink it further. The result will be more people struggling to find basic items, and they will be forced to make a choice: they can either join a large blob, mine and build everything themself, or maybe just find something else to do with their time.

In my opinion, CCP should remove the broker fee entirely, or reduce it to a nominal amount (ie: 100 isk). A sales tax is fine, but charging people for items which were never sold is just detrimental to trade, and I honestly think its bad for the game. It would be better to change the broker fee into a sales tax, and only charge it IF (and only if) the item is actually sold.

CCP should be encouraging an active vibrant economy, but instead they are stifling it with taxes which encourage stagnation and discourage participation in the market.


We’re actually in complete agreement. Like you, I’d rather there were no broker fee. The old system worked better. With this I’m assuming that CCP do not want to roll back on that. If they were to do so this idea would be redundant.

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