The new relist fee increase (March 10th)

I haven’t seen a new dev reply on this concern, so I wanted to bring it out separately from the other changes coming on March 10th.

I’ve been hearing more from those that manufacture goods for sale, things that capsuleers need in order to engage in the game. They’ve worked out the effects of the change in relisting and it doesn’t seem good at all. Forcing the manufacturers out of EVE via frustration and making it impossible to continue doing that will also heavily impact the rest of the community by making many things either cost much more, or be unavailable much of the time.

Manufacturing higher tier items in EVE requires a functioning market in order to buy most of the things to build the higher level items. When that breaks down, an individual often can not simply ‘adapt’. They no longer have the possibility of building any more. The market can be made to be completely human-unfriendly. It can be manipulated to exclude or include more or fewer players. The relist fee change is an exclusion factor.

Again, ultimately, this change will manipulate it to exclude. Those players, and many of those players facing a now empty market, may indeed adapt. But that adaptation will be to HTFU and leave EVE behind. And with the market still sitting crushed under that problematic change, any new players coming in won’t see the rich options of before. They’ll also be faced with fewer options, thus making the retention problem worse as they get discouraged.

It seems that any mass player disagreement with CCP decisions gets shut down as uninformed or ‘doom and gloom’. But those players have put heart into the game and we try to defend our investment of heart, even if it seems that those in charge are so disconnected from the effects of those decisions as to render any player emotional investment into EVE, foolish in the extreme.

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