Suggestion: Custom Jettison name formatting

Seems like something that is done so very often is jettisoning some items (typically mined ore/ice) and then you have to wait until it shows up in overview, right click it, select Set Name…, click on the text box, and type something like MyName - HH:MM for either when it was spawned or when it will pop.

Why not allow players to have a customized default jettisoned canister name with support for timestamping format?

One could set it something like “MyName \h:\m” for “MyName 10:45” if the current time was 10:45

Would be even cooler if you could encode some kind of math in there to name it the current hour + 2 for example.

“MyName \2h:\m” for “MyName 12:45”

Be careful what you wish for.

If anythings yells “there’s a lazy miner here who doesn’t understand the basics. Come take his ore and possibly his ship” it’s timestamped jet cans.

Well all they would need to do is have a Jettison option and a Jettison Named option right below it so you can choose between the two ways to jettison.

Will there be an option to auto name my yellow jetcan “1v1 duel fair fight” or “free ammo” whichever of them I prefer at the moment? :smiling_imp:

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Nono, it’s only for lazy miners who want the game to do everything for them.

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Hush, Theron…the intense calculations needed to name a can are mentally exhausting and the whole lengthy process takes a huge amount of time away from netflix or other streaming! HAVE YOU NO DECENCY SIR?!

OP has a wonderful idea and I support it 100%

I can just imagine the spam in Jita after such a feature is released.

Actually, I shudder at the thought…


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