Trash item

An overhaul of the “trash item” functionality. Its not a right click menu anymore. You get a hangar specifically for trash and it will get collected every now and then. I imagine that garbage disposal in space costs money? So it could be a small isk sink. Balancing it could get out hand tho since there is a ton of items and having to come up with a balanced price to trash them is going to be a big task it seems with potential unintended consequences as well.

Anyway this could really be expanded upon because what if the garbage just becomes freely available? So if i put stuff in the garbage hangar, then other players would be able to get access to it. Maybe by breaking into the garbage unit or bribing the person who is responsible for it in the station. Maybe corporations will go to war over access to the trash in the Jita. Sounds good to me.

On a side note this also could introduce things such as recyling. For example expired boosters. But also many other items that arent used for anything maybe you could come up with some clever ways to recycle them into something. It would be interested to take a look at “most trashed items” in EVE online. What kind of stuff are players throwing out? And could we make it recyclable instead somehow? Maybe create a whole new profession with new skills and modules. Sounds better than Deathless and Zarkag imo.

I mean… you can already just jettison a can and relinquish your ownership of it. Dont really need to do any of this.

Bless you for trying though.

I’m sure the station will have the ability to just throw it out an air lock in the general direction of the sun. Gravity will do the rest.

I would like to overhaul the jettison mechanic too. Because my main gripe with it is the timer. You jettison an item and then you have to wait minutes before you can jettison another one. It can be mildly frustrating at times.

Its fine. Cut down on quick spamming jet cans

It also limits how fast you can get a cloud of decloak cans for your bubble camp.

If people spam cans to create an anti cloaking field that is something that needs to be looked at? seems like an anti cloaking field device could be a hit

Can we at least get a “Trash item” option for items in inventory when we are in space.

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