Industrial Waste Missions

so, we have refining in almost every station and structure within the game. my thoughts are, what happens to this waste.

we refine 70-80% if not higher, well what happens to the excess, to disintegrate it would take an enormous amount of power, so why is it not the issue of the corporations to handle things like that, I can imagine that there are warehouses of waste being stockpiled within various structures, and when they explode it causes huge hazardous environments or other effects in space.

I’m all for it being there and out of sight, however within the lore of EVE there are laws about space pollution which is why you cannot do reactions in high sec its “too toxic” for the “space environment”
perhaps something which could be looked into for the suggested planetary distress missions but I digress.

why not consider the aspect of waste as some kind of plot generating device for the game or other kind of mission, hazardous gas clouds from asteroid rocks, gas clouds in general, mining waste, industrial waste, where does it all go? maybe something we can do with it or it cause a problem for us after… what, 20 years.

something to think about, maybe something too it, maybe not, a possible idea to help make content for the player base.


Nice thought. I brainstormed a little off it and when you reprocess or refine something you get the usual stuff but now also an item called “Waste”. Okay its useless so people can just right click and trash it but here is the deal. Trashing items now cost ISK. Have fun!

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maybe some kind of blueprint to turn it into trash, which is something used for boosters?

Its like you have a fetish for bad ideas

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Somewhat. But feels more likely a fetish to stir up trouble and drama on the forums by proposing deliberately bad ideas just to see the reactions, is my guess.

You dont know what a good idea is you think you do but you dont. Paying isk to trash items is common sense? And it will counterbalance the faucets ever so slightly. Its literally not a bad thing. But you do you.

its also a simple question, we get X% of refining, the rest is waste, where does it go? there are in game laws about space pollution, so basically… whats up? maybe learn about the universe by experiencing something like that in game, would be cool to see freighters double as waste vessels who dump waste into space for things like FW, sov null or even to mess with peoples system taxes, its sort of what like people do to the oceans these days, just dump our trash somewhere else, one day it’ll cause a problem, people will solve it.

a problem today is content tomorrow and a game play solution in about 5 years.

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I think it has potential. For example if trashing items costs money in high sec but gives money in low sec, or maybe just gives money in low sec, in high sec its still free? Regardless all items will suddenly have a minimum value even the useless stuff you get in missions. And it will create a new profession, the junk hauler, who may be accumulating junk over the course of weeks in each region and then taking it to low sec and trashing it for profit. The problem is getting the cost to trash and the reward right+more. That will take some careful thought. Its a lot of work to avoid exploits, and may not be worth it :slight_smile: But its still an interesting concept imo. Anyway i dont mean to highjack the thread or anything. You brought up some interesting ideas that made me think. Thats all. Have a nice day.

well i don’t think it should give money for that, having an actual game play element, getting paid to dispose of waste some how in game, COULD be a thing and would be interesting to see, I’d still like to see an option for reprocessing over time, especially if its for trash or excess stuff.

in fact theres an idea what if due to the abundance of items in game there is a module for a structure designed to pay a corporation or alliance with evermarks if you waste via that module.

you throw a ship and it breaks down over time, every 15 minutes you get an evermark payout, similar to ESS stuff, the components are then broken down to nano particles and ejected into space.

you could just create a rule of thumb for the total M3 or mass being broken down

100m3 = 1 ever mark, takes 15 minutes to break down.

gets stuff out the game, lets people use the ever mark system, creates space pollution and system effects.

please waste responsibly!

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