Suggestion for Tech3 Weapons

The idea of tech3 appears to be strategic refitting to change between the “roles” most commonly associated with tech2 cruisers. Keeping in line with this, I suggest weapon platforms that can “load” the short-range, high-damage systems or the long-range, low-damage systems typical of tech2 variants for a given class of weapon.

For example, a tech3 projectile turret could load autocannon-equivalent systems or artillery-equivalent systems in a single module, exchanging bonuses similar to choosing between scripts for a tracking computer. As a cost of this ability, I’d suggest a long “systems” reload time (at least 60s, perhaps 180s and reducible by skill like MJDs) or the necessity of a mobile-depot if undocked.

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What’s with the cancer reload just make it switch between artillery mode and auto cannon no faster than 30 sec.IN Fact 30 Seems perfect

Seemed overpowered to me with a shorter time to change, but indeed the tech3 destroyer doesn’t take so long, so maybe something like 30s as you suggest would be fine.

This would be insanely overpowered.

  • You can adjust your comp on the fly (worst case warp to a ping drop depots and warp back), which removes all strategic choice from choosing that comp
  • There’s no drawbacks

To top it all off, it doesn’t really feel like it adds anything fun to the game. Just power creep.


TIII ships should have the ability to mount T III weapons.

The drawback is the minute or two that you’re weaponless during the systems change. Perhaps changing systems could also cost a significant fraction of the capacitor like onlining modules in space does.

Right… because I’d be doing that in a fight. I like dying in a fire instead of pinging around system while the timer cools down.

Explain to me why these are needed when you can literally just drop a mobile depot and refit off that. If you don’t have some kind of cooldown, it becomes OP. If you do, you may as well just use better guns (T2 will inherently be better performing in a specialized role than T3 in a generalized one) and refit off a depot.

I mean, ■■■■, you can carry autocannons, arty, and RLML refits on a single Loki (probably can’t fit a second missile platform in but I’ve never tried). Assuming you bring a nestor/cap for refits, or if a depot fits (never tried to put all 3 in).

So… other than just “because T3…”, why do you want these?

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The mobile depot absolutely allows for refits, but it has its own drawbacks for which I’m trying to provide alternatives. Mobile depots are stationary, destructible, and cannot be used under a weapons timer. My alternative allows for mobile, indestructible (unless you’ve broken the module via overheating), and “anytime” refitting.

As I said, I was concerned about this being overpowered and so was suggesting the drawback of lengthy change-times (or “cancer-reload,” as Dark Engraver phrased it). Being tailed by a friendly fleet of capitals for your refitting pleasure is a nice idea though.

If you have suggestions for other drawbacks to such a module, I’m interested to hear; however, how you enjoy playing is irrelevant. Let’s keep the discussion mechanical.

Also known as counter-play. What’s the counter-play to your modules?

The simple fact is that there’s really no reason for these modules. Drawbacks be damned. Alternatives already exist, in the flesh, in the game right now. If CCP wanted it to be easier to refit in combat, they’d have changed depots by now.

While I have no one specific post to quote, I can say with certainty that CCP values the concept of a strategic choice… and while they’re willing to let you fix a poor strategic choice, they don’t want to insulate you from it entirely.

If you absolutely must have a drawback, consider the “generalized T3 thing”. They have worse stats than their T2 counterparts (poorer performance and higher fitting costs) and much higher costs. Ergo if you want to take your boat and put T3 guns on it, you won’t be able to compete with someone who did bring the right guns.

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So rockets AND light missles, HM and HAM?

Not just no…


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