Suggestion: Industry\Facilities


could I please recommend a minor change to the Industry\Facilities tab.

I often accidentally click on the Facilities tab within the Industry window and have to wait for the server to query the results and present them back. This happens either because I am clumsy or I get click happy cycling through the tabs to switch between Jobs and Blueprints.

Could the tab either be moved to the right of the tab bar, away from the Jobs and Blueprints tabs or similar to the Wallet \ Transactions tab have a button for the ‘Click “Load” to fetch data’.

I understand this should involve me being a little more careful, but I am sure if I am doing it many others are too, and this is adding unnecessary load/requests to the servers.

kind regards


they should just go back to the old window that wasn’t a laggy mess

I support this.

Although my careless clicking isn’t this, but the fact that I keep the industry window at the top right of my windowed screen, and keep clicking the big red “X” instead of the small one that closes the industry tab. :frowning:

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