Suggestion: Intelligence Update For Eve

This Post is to suggest upgrades for eve online. Its intent is to stream line the game so the intelligence channels are not needed anymore, and to help provide some benefit to alliances spacial security.

Intelligence HQ
This is a new type of station that is provided. They have various module upgrades, and their bonus’s are

  • 50% Time needed to send a notification.
  • +100% Bonus to range of scan modules


  • Intelligence: Special Research Detection center.

    • This module provides an update to the alliance every 10 minutes (base). 3 scan passes needed to fully understand the special disturbance is required. This means that after 3 scans, it will tell you what size the wormhole is, its stability, and time left rates, and include its location on the intelligence map. Initial scan will provide its size and system.
  • Intelligence: Advanced Detection System

    • This provides detection of hostile fleets and ships. Scans are done at a 3 minute (base) rate, and 3 passes are required to determine more detailed information. At first, it will provide ship count and entity affiliation, each additional ship types, and the final pass will provide the ability to detect them on the intelligence map.
  • Intelligence: Fleet Logistics Center

    • This module provides location and information on all allied ships. the access to this information can be set to specific levels (Members, Ceos(all), Directors and Ceos (all), Directors of Executor Corp, Rank in executor Corp)

The above modules will work in conjunction to the hacking upgrade system coming in the near future.

The Intelligence map

this is a new type of map upgrade that is provided to each alliance individually. This will allow for a person to check the reason time map to a system to see where an enemy in the detection range is. this upgrades much like a radial scan system (like a radar) each pass taking a set of time based on what it is set to scan for (ships, wormholes).

This information is feed out into the tactical information hub. This acts as a sort of mini-map. Alternatively, notifications can go in the notifications tab of detection’s.

So, give them more information? Like there isn’t enough of it already?


its more a stream line to remove the intel based chat channels, but this will also invalidate spies to a degree, so that will provide us with some options to help make the community better (by removing most of that negative element from corporations).

Spies are part of the game. You keep trying to turn Eve into some other game, which again, is not why we are here for. Spies,scamming,ganking are all part of Eve and removing them is just removing the part of Eve that makes it special. If you don’t like it, you could just go back to WoW.

You truly have no undestanding of the game you are trying to change.

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I understand this game better then the designer himself. It has been designed in ways which are unintelligent, full of the lack of insight, all the while ccp propagating nonsensical metrics to try to prove that this sort of game play is some how retaining people, and yet here we are. Hows that working out? Steadily decline arnt we?

Changing this game with standardized industry concepts it is going to benefit it significantly.

How pretentious and self important can you be? No, your freshman programming class does NOT make you a game designer. If you were good at game design, you wouldn’t be in F&I. You’d be literally anywhere else. Get over yourself.

Every post you have ever posted has communicated only one message: You are bad at EVE. Maybe you don’t even play EVE? Maybe you just read an article on it somewhere and you thought you, in your [sarcasm]mighty wisdom[/sarcasm] would come save the troglodytes from their ignorance.

Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad. But your justifications are even worse.

  1. I dont work in FI.
  2. I am currently an Indy developer, and ceo of a game in production.
  3. I am a triple AAA Experienced developer.

My idea’s are not bad because you dont like them. They are rough concepts that need to be refined and looked into maybe, but that does not make them bad. I think you and alts are salty because you dont wanna get this turned in to space-wow.

Your ideas are bad because you don’t understand the game.

Intel has problems. As does pretty much every system in EVE. But since you have apparently never actually played EVE, you are in no position to make suggestions on them.

I don’t care what’s on your fake resume. Your ideas are bad all on their own.

No please. No free wormhole scans, no free intel from structures. Players create the content and intel channels are part of that. They’re also not infallible which these structures would seem to be (beyond shooting them I guess), meaning that neutrals can sometimes slip through the network and gank/get fights.

Spai’s are also part of Eve. Why would you want to remove them, unless one touched you in a bad place and you’re salty about it? Spying on an enemy alliance is just as valid a tactic as any other. Knowledge is power.

It’s fairly clear to anyone with even a modicum of knowledge on how the meta works that you don’t.

■■■■■■■ oath we don’t want that. Jesus, that would be terrible. Why the hell would anyone want that?

The whole reason we are here is because we don’t want to play wow-like mmos


Why do you play EvE if you hate the game?

Seriously, you claim all this experience in game design, experience that no one but you believes is real. Not a single idea you’ve suggested has been good for EvE.

If we wanted a mainstream grind fest with no risk at all, we’d all be playing there.

Stop trying to destroy what little remains of what made this game great.

Stop trying to kill one of the few games where those who don’t want to play your kind of game can go.

  1. You clearly need to look at the name of the subforum you’re posting in, as it’s painfully obvious you clearly misunderstood them entirely.
  2. Woohoo. So am I. So is anyone who is working on applications using ESI. Your point?
  3. EA is that way.

Most of the ■■■■ you’re suggesting is change for the sake of change itself, NOT offering up any relevant, constructive, or otherwise beneficial, ideas. Take that plebeian toilet art to where it really belongs: a single-player game’s forum.

They teach programming in preschool?

No, it isn’t. EVE has been steadily growing until CCP started dumbing the game down and catering to the likes of you and it has been a continuous decline ever since (alpha introduction excluded, because a short-term spike of “ohh free-to-play!!!” players is just artificially bumping up the metrics with meaningless numbers the same way it is with crypto-currencies. Rename your company with blockchain in the name, or announce doing something with it, and watch your stock prices hyperinflate).

Software projects fail all the time. Yours will undoubtedly too.

With all the trash that’s produced regularly, this might actually be true. I bet you’re one of the people responsible for introducing those game features that everyone scratches their heads about and ask “Why introduce something so completely and utterly stupid!?”.

They are ridiculous on their own and you want to integrate them into a game that you don’t understand in the least. You’re right, they’re not bad. They’re so much worse. They’re easily among the biggest, most stupid junk that has ever been posted on any of the 3 EVE forums.

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