Suggestion of extra safety config, the "Enhanced safety"

There are three safety levels: Enable safety, Partial safety, Disable safety. They prevent you from accidentally get yourself a Suspect or Criminal status.

But none of them prevent you from getting a Limited Engagement status, which is dangerous as players are in risk of accidentally hit a player who fitted with PVP loadout that they cannot defeat. These players are either stole wrecks or cargo that belong to you or their alts, or attack deployed structures like MTU to make themselves a suspect, and then wait other players attack them to create a Limited Engagement, then they can kill the victim without CONCORD interfering.

As the creation of Limited Engagement cause a serious risk of ship destruction, players may wish to not engage others at all even if their MTU or loots are lost, as their ships are much more valuable.

So we can have an extra safety option: the Enhanced safety, or blue safety for short. A safety level that not only prevent you from become a Suspect or Criminal, it also protects you from attacking ANY other pilots at all, even if they are Suspect, Criminal, Outlaw, at war with you, have Limited Engagement with you, or in the same corporation that allows legal friendly fire with you, or you are in nullsec. As a result, you will never create a Limited Engagement with others unless you are attacked by them first, and you will never get a Weapons Timer unless you are using Command Bursts or Bastion Module (Which give you Weapons Timer but not Log-Off Timer).

Players can keep this level of safety on, so they will never hit others to create Limited Engagement, and then they cannot be legally attacked by most players; they will never get a Weapons Timer if they are not using Commands Burst or Bastion Module at the same time, which prevent them from docking, jumping and tethered to an upwell structure.

Having this level of safety will also help EDENCOM pilots since their weapon system, the Arcing Vorton Projector, can arc and create a Limited Engagement with other players, and thus a neutral victim to PVP fitted MTU attacker.

Despite it prevent you from creating a Limited Engagement, it does not protect you from others that can legally attack you without a Limited Engagement, like war enemies, corp-mate of your corporation with legal friendly fire, or you are an Outlaw, Suspect or Criminal, or if you are in nullsec; it won’t help if you are target by suicide gankers, who can attack you without a legal reason.

Since it is an in-space safety setting, it doesn’t prevent you from sending or accepting duel. You can enable Auto Reject Duel from game settings to protect you from accepting duel instead.

It does not prevent you from attacking your own entities, like your drones or deployed MTU or your unmanned ships in space, and your Vorton Projector will still arc them if they are in range regardless this level of safety is on.

Can we see that edencom lossmail?

I’m strongly against more hand holding. Just pay attention on what is happening around you and none of that will happen.

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No killmail. I never get myself killed to these tricks.

That was a very detailed wishlist for something that supposedly doesn’t personally affect you…

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Maybe it should be called Carebear Safety :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :smiling_imp:

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It’s a no from me dawg.

Sounds like a skill issue for the OP.

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I think it’s a pretty reasonable idea, except for this. Being attacked while at war does not give you the limited engagement timer, so should not be removed per your concept.

I was destroyed by this a while ago accidentally by shooting a suspect who was baiting in one of the rookie systems. I forget how long ago this was, and it might have actually been in that Arnon place. Either way, my missioning Corm was no match for that dual rep Incursus. I wish I could have been either better instructed about the consequences of my actions or prevented from engaging by this system.

Not surprised people can be rude about it despite none of words from this topic attacked or did harm to them. This is EVE Online, dude.
They don’t require this thing add to the game immediately like “I WANT IT IN THE GAME NOW”, but just sharing idea. At least I don’t see telling one’s idea is bad, regardless the feature is possible to be added to the game or not.
It is an interesting idea anyway. I can see it is not the issue that you cannot keep your cursor away from flashy pilots, but vorton projector will zap them and you cannot prevent it, and vorton projector respect safety right?
Blame EDENCOM them. This should be something build in into their ship than build in into safety i guess.

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It give you a weapon timer, preventing you from docking, jumping and tethering. It is bad and one might want avoid it even if they are at war with their enemies.

But it can be quiet rare since you can just see flashy players in local, and operation in such system is already a risk.

And the idea is preventing one from attacking any capsuleers at all, regardless you will create an Limited Engagement to this action or not.

And yes, they definitely should add the acknowledgment of consequences of attacking Outlaw or Suspect will cause CONCOND not save you if they attacked back, which is what they expected and prepared PVP fit for. At least once for a new player when they attpempting target the said pilot.

Also, this action is a rookie abuse if the age of victim is less than 30days in these systems.

The knowledge was out there. You learned a good lesson and all it costed you was a corm.


Fair enough. I guess I didn’t lose a marauder…

This is why its key to not jump into the shiny right away.

Spend time flying and dying in those t1 cruisers.

Naw, frigates are for me. CNH Forever.

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This is, without exception, a bad idea. The current safety system exists because of CCPs somewhat arbitrary and unintuitive criminal system. It’s to stop you from doing something that you don’t realize will give you suspect or criminal flags. What’s next… A safety setting that stops you from engaging a target if it calculates that you’ll probably lose.

You people should stop giving CCP ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Idea I love it.

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