Suggestions for Devs: Restributing the Resdistribution Plan

In order to maximize player conflict in null sec and encourage players to live there, I suggest that the following changes to the game environment be considered. Some of these things are not new, but I think that a comprehensive approach is better than the current “one thing at a time” method:

  1. Set up areas in null sec that differ in scarcity so that corporations are incentivized to expand their sphere of control. In other words, make one null sec area heavy on isogen, another on morphite ores, etc. Allow much smaller bits of the other ores to be present, but incentivize the corps to expand into each others’ territories in order to access their rich deposits.

  2. Increase traffic from hi sec to null by littering null with ‘treasure sites’ that are only visible to hi sec players from hi sec. In other words, a filament that offers a one way transport to a (nearby) treasure site that is within 3 jumps of the arrival system. Players have to get to the treasure, and null sec players can gank them en route or after the treasure is acquired (on their way back to hi sec).

  3. Desensitize hi sec players to PVP interaction by allowing ‘destabilization zones’ to appear randomly in hi sec. Just like you have incursion zone spawns, have zones disable Concord in hi sec from time to time and place to place. Imagine the glorious day when Jita experiences this kind of “hell night.”

  4. Allow faction warfare in hi sec for those who wish to participate in it. Promotes fighting anytime, any place.

  5. Encourage E-SPort competition areas in hi sec with pvp-arenas for fat loot.

  6. Create an isk sink by allowing pirates to ‘pay off’ Concord to ignore criminal acts for a short time in hi sec systems. Victims might be allowed extensive, ample opportunity to retaliate without penalty.

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Players would simply put that system on their avoid list for the duration. If this happened in Jita, well, I guess no business is going to be done in Jita for the duration. Gankers would sit in the sytem all day with their thumb up their ass waiting for someone, anyone, to enter that sytem……

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Incredibly dumb. This happened in the past with Moon Goo where one group of players essentially formed a cartel controlling the overwhelming majority of the Technetium in the game. They were able to use that to strongarm the entire game by controlling the price of the goods (i.e. everything built using Technetium).

How do you determine who is a “high sec player”?

CCP can’t control snowflakes feelings.

We already have wardecs. I don’t see what this does anything to “maximize player conflict in nullsec”.

No thank you.

This is ALSO incredibly dumb.


I don’t really see a problem with No.4. It won’t matter to anyone that isn’t doing faction warfare though. The rest of these are a hard no from me as well.


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With what? My combat freighter? Or

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