Suggestions for TD for the next AT

So as a Captain of a larger alliance like SLYCE getting access for guys who want to play is a major pain. I know it is allot of work on the staff that runs the AT to constantly be adding new characters for 64 teams. So I suggest giving Captains a list of 45 generic logins for each team. So as people come and go from teams practices don’t have to be cancelled because logins are not added yet. Set a list of rules for these accounts and if they are broken remove the teams access to training tools and or access to the AT as a whole for any severe offenses committed on these characters. Would save allot of time and effort for AT Captains and the CCP Staff working the Event. I have guys that want to try their hand at the AT and they cannot get into practice sessions because getting access takes a long time for any characters added.

Also with the AT being during the summer people’s work schedules and real lives take over and commitments to the AT may take a back seat to required work hours or family obligations. The resources of a true AT is the members of the alliance and this is a resource that is hard to tap into with the current setup.

Generic logins are not going to be something I’m comfortable offering during Alliance Tournament Practices as they are generic: we’re not as certain as to who’s on the other end. Which means if someone messes about, we can’t be as certain as to who exactly is on the hook: while it could be someone from the team it was granted to, there’s a lot more space to say details got leaked from that team and it was someone else.

What I am more strongly considering is removing the maximum cap for number of pilots a team can put onto Thunderdome for next year, which means that if you were comfortable with letting your entire alliance onto the server, you could do so. Captains would still have the option to instead give a limited list of pilots if they feel that is better.

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Allow referees to teleport in spectators after the system becomes “locked” by a match.

Implement a web based registration system for captains (and tournament organizers) to easily manage TD users.

Offer overview packs for TD in the Thunderdome channel.

Yeah something cause real life dictated that we used more and more people. And having to go send a mail, then wait for a response that doesn’t come. And the only way to check is have the repeatedly try to log in is kind of BS. Teams lose practice time and is an impediment to fielding a true “Alliance Tournament” team. On game day I can pull any eligible player in my Alliance. On practice days I should be able to do the same if I choose. I know this may make more work for you guys.

Was just a thought I had. I know generic might not have been the best solution but this got the topic started after having to cancel scrimmages with willing people sitting waiting for their accounts to be turned on. There is SISI good luck getting another team to go to SISI with no arenas. And let’s be honest getting 20 guys together when 10 get to play is rough in certain alliances that span many tz’s. So inhouse scrimms are rare for 80%+ of the AT teams.

First, thx to CCP Logibro for managing and iterating upon TD. It is a very powerful and handy tool for us.

There are some built-in safeguards against spying that make TD very unique and useful for AT practice.

  • AFAIK no one outside of the participating fleets can even teleport to a system in-use. I tried. No joy.
  • There are no alliance / corps imported from TQ. We internally manage our practice corp. So even if an entire TQ alliance were granted TD access, they still would not have access to any internal information from the practice corporation (killmaiils, hangers, etc).

Personally, I would really like it if we could add spectators without having to clear 5-10 errors. Different category maybe? Or as suggested above, just add them in after the main fleet. Or is there another way I am not aware of?

I would be okay with this, since as captain I can simply make a corp and have my guys join it. Anyone not on the team simply doesn’t get in.

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