Suicide Ganking: Loot scooping question

Hey all,

I’ve searched quite a bit for the loot scooping part of 1-2 tornado ganking on station and hi-sec in general. From what I’ve gathered both in and out of game, a tanked DST is appropriate. My question is the following: are there any strategies for ensuring that I am the one to scoop the loot before someone else?

Here is what I presume is correct:

  1. First, overview must be decluttered on the scooper.
  2. Approach the target upon decision to pew (in Jita vs Blockade runners, this will be super close to undock). Might not really need to approach much as long as initial positioning is reasonable.
  3. As guns cycle on the alts, try and click open on the cargo container (possibly via hotkey?) and drag scoop? Or is there a better way for this?

Additionally, can someone post some alternative fits (such as when ganking on gate).


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ex jita>amarr pipe ganker. the zebras are few and far now to what they used to be and that is a balance issue.

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Thanks, I guess :confusedparrot: ?

Have an overview with just wrecks, make sure you have speed if you need it and enough tank for the other guy waiting to shoot you.

Edit: typos

Most of the getaway drivers have a bookmark set for a spot in the undock path so they know they’ll be in reach of most wrecks. So there isn’t a lot of “gotta catch the wreck” issues going in.

And you don’t need to drag anything, there’s a “Loot All” button at the bottom.

Thanks, I was thinking the drag due to having the presence of a fleet hanger (which loot all doesn’t go to, correct?). Using a DST of course.


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