[SUIT] Shut Up I am Trying, a WH C4(3/5) Alliance Looking for experienced Pilots/Corporations!

Let’s be honest here, what I could do is offer you an alliance that does a ton of PVP and PVE or a family that supports one another and does it’s best to help you succeed in what you want to do in the game, but we’ve all heard that recruitment spiel before haven’t we?

Instead I’ll just paint a picture of the sort of dumb stuff we get up to here in Wolves and SUIT as a whole:

-Turn a large group of people on Teamspeak into a Marachi Band.

-Kill big isk targets then immediately lose the same amount or more.

-Have squad competitions that (9 times out of 10) end in poop flinging.

-CJ (The less famous one)

-Tax Evasion

All in all, we are a C4 WH PvP Corp/Alliance looking for people who want to learn how to wormhole in a dedicated and caring environment. Our minimums to join are the ability to cloak and deal with a bit of banter. Wolves is recruiting members and SUIT as a whole is accepting Alliance applications. We span US and EU time zones.

Discord: SUIT Alliance Discord

Killboard(s): Shut Up I am Trying | Alliance | zKillboard

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