Suitonia for CSM 13 - Re-Election


(Suitonia) #21

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

(Rin Shinwa) #22


I voted for your CSM 12 campaign, and I’m quite happy with your accomplishments during your term. I will happily vote for you again.

I want to ask you about Citadels from the perspective of roaming in 0.0. Previously, the station undock was a major conflict driver for roaming gangs, but with the Citadel’s unkillable 2-300km death-sphere surrounding its undock, it has become impossible for roaming gangs and solo pvpers to stay anywhere within that range for any longer than the citadel’s lock time. Fighting on the undock is effectively dead.

Do you think this is a major issue in 0.0?
If so, what do you propose as a solution?
Do you think it’s realistic for CCP to take another look at Citadels during CSM 13’s term?

(Ereter Fortruner) #23

It`s not true. In the last amarr FW campaign Suitonia worked with Tikktokk, who is Pandemic. So Suitonia - pandemic candidate.

(Gian Bal) #24

Although suitonia flew under tikk/maglors FW alliance (PL mains) I feel like hes still neutral. Would often see him solo plexing like a madman and getting the full FW experience, I believe he is neutral. My vote is going to him.

(Ereter Fortruner) #25

Of course you believe in that as a member of amarrian FW. Thats why you vote him, not cause he`s “neutral” )

(Gian Bal) #26

Why would it matter that I’m amarr also? I’m voting for suitonia because he actually contributes to development and has proven himself as a CSM member aswell as being very well versed in the pvp/low sec aspects of the game.

(Ereter Fortruner) #27

Cause you also worked with Suitonia and Tikktokk, as all amarrmil.
Btw, the last good thing that was made for FW - its warpstab ban. Nice thing, but suddenly this thing was made at one time with switching warzone to amarr (with hardly using of warpstabbed caldary bots and tikktokk`s capitals).
Конечно, здесь нет никакой связи с участием Суитонии в прошлом составе совета, и, конечно, Pandemic Legion ничего не заработал на переводе варзоны под амарию.

(Gian Bal) #28

I literally don’t get what your point is? Yes I’ve flown with both tikktokk and suitonia and I stand by my previous statement, it doesn’t matter if i’ve flown with them before, just because we fought on the same side doesn’t mean i’m just gonna blindly vote for him.

After flying with him for a bit you can tell he really does know his stuff and is a legit good dude. You’re clearly just bringing this up because you don’t actually care about CSM and are only interested in trying to hurt his CSM campaign as a result of him flying for Amarr and not Minmatar.

(Ereter Fortruner) #29

I want to see in CSM people, that’ll not use it in their interests.
In such case yes, I want to hurt Suitonia’s CSM campaign, cause he is not neutral side in FW - and this is important. We see some new FW-ideas here, and maybe they good, but maybe not (as it was with idea about warpstabs, that at last played for amarr side).

(Suitonia) #30

Hi Ereter, I’ve flown for every side in the FW conflict. I’ve always been the guy who supports the underdogs, we joined Amarr when they were Tier 1 precisely for that reason. I think what we accomplished from January to the end of April when Aggressive Feeding was most active was a lot of fun for everyone in FW, and it reinvigorated the warzone and brought a lot of newcomers into the fold via the interesting conflict and story over Dal which was on the front page of reddit for weeks. Based on our Dal deployment we brought UK from GW back down to the WZ in a more organised capacity.

I’ve flown for Gallente for about a year total across my characters, same for Minmatar, Caldari and now Amarr. I don’t specifically have any loyalty to one side, I just like to join whoever is losing the conflict because I like to throw myself against the greatest force possible because they usually results in the most resistance and fun for me. I’ve been in Goons, TEST, Horde, BRAVE, Wormhole corps, lowsec corps, my own solo corps, FW corps and entosis harassment corps in the past 2 years. I don’t stake myself behind one particular side. It’s about as ridiculous as me claiming you’re allied to PL because Minmatar FC Jebi Vjetar is in them.

I also did not push for the WCS ban idea, The CSM discovered it when it was presented and suggested to the player base on April 1st at the sametime.

(Suitonia) #31

Yeah Citadels have killed some content in nullsec that way, it used to be a great way to get fights by chilling on station undocks in frigates, and setting up small camps on them to bait fights. I’m not sure what an effective solution could be, although I do like the new Abyss content because having people 1000km off a structure as a hostage that you can camp their abyssal trace is actually an amazing way to get fights again now. Citadels are constantly being looked at so I’m sure we can have another discussion about them.

(Ereter Fortruner) #32

And of course not cause amarr lp was so expencive, yes. I guess, its not important, where you was, important - where you are. In last CSM you was in Hydra`s that also allies of Tikktokk and Pandemic Legion, so seems this period of your history not very short.

Jebi - hero or matarmil, yes, and he is in Pandemic now, but he is not in this CSM campaign. No need to hide for his back.

(zluq zabaa) #33

If we make you king of EVE, will you revive Lowsec?

Also, how would you make it an equally or better choice for new players to live in Lowsec rather than staying in High or joining one of the large Null blocs?

(Suitonia) #34

I think lowsec does well to high SP veteran players who want high risk activities, such as Besieged sites, Level 5 missions, 6/10 DED sites to name a few. What I think lowsec does a terrible job at is providing for lower SP players and players without much isk investment, at least outside FW. Mining in lowsec belts is horrible, you only get 30%~ more LP and ISK running missions in low 0.1 vs 0.5 in high, but in high you can use faction mods/ships without much risk so clear content faster which negates this advantage, while lowsec has the risk.

Some things that I personally would like to see for Lowsec;
+15% ABC ores spawning in lowsec cosmic signature belts, in a manner very similar to the asteroid remenant belts in the rookie systems. Essentially very small roids spaced out pretty far away, not practical to mine in barges/rorquals what so ever, but a noob in a venture if he’s willing to risk it can earn more than a hulk in highsec.
Pirate faction missions, maybe capped at level 3? These are in nullsec NPC stations, if you could get some pirate LP in lowsec it might be worth running the missions. The real money is from running level 4 burners in nullsec so wouldn’t hurt much and would provide a unique opportunity.
Bring back the 2/10 plexes in low, maybe as a cosmic signature site that spawns randomly in a constellation but is viewable and warpable on the probe scanner without probes, then becomes a beacon in space like the FW beacons. Would encourage roaming around in a PVP fit frigate

(Oreb Wing) #35

What is the likelihood of getting these changes? Those are all very good for lowsec. I don’t really have any doubt you’ll be back in.

(toxix tony) #36

have you made any racist comments in the past? ( lets say 10 years or so)

i dont want my vote to go to waste

(Suitonia) #37

It depends entirely on the roadmap, I think some of the changes are much harder, like the agents since they would probably require spawning and creating new stations in the game.

(Oreb Wing) #38

There are plenty of systems in low that could use another station, but it could always be thrown in COSMOS agent style, where there is an NPC in some cosmic anomaly or landmark warpable location. I also remember the static 2/10’s and they were great. I was sad to see em go.

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