Suitonia for CSM 13 - Re-Election

Hello my friends, I should probably get to work and make a thread for my re-election campaign.

About Me: Currently I’m most known for the videos I produce on youtube on the eveiseasy youtube channel. My best work by far I feel is the content that I produce aimed at lower SP pilots using cheap fits, such as this video here. I also stream eve online PVP regularly on my channel here. I mostly take part in Solo PVP using Frigate and Destroyer hulls, and feel like I come close to perfectly understanding the solo and small gang PVP meta and scene. I also commentate and help with some behind the scenes things for some eve Esports events, notably, EVE-NT. And have a deep interest in eve tournament play and the eve esports scene in general, My Area of Expertise is most certainly everything that is small-gang PVP in this game.

I am pretty much a turbo nerd when it comes to fitting, stats and the current PVP metagame. I want to thank everyone who voted me onto CSM 12, and would like hope that you once again cast your vote for me. Here is a list of things that I feel like I had huge impact on while working on CSM 13.

The Assault Frigate rebalance, I flew the ships extensively and recorded videos on my youtube channel for each AF, looked at each one in depth, and submitted a list of proposed changes to CCP. I’d like to think that the AF rebalance worked out incredibly well. With most AFs increasing in usage by about 3-4x.

The Lifeblood Expansion, which saw boosts to the Rifter, Corax, Dragoon, Bellicose, Arbitrator and Stabber. And nerfs to the Tristan and Vexor, were driven by my feedback.

The Recent March Balance Patch, Including Jump Fatigue, Aegis Sov Pass, and balance changes. The Battleship Cargo buff and Jump Range boosts is something I’ve pushed for throughout my term

Small Ancillary Armor Repairer Drop Rate Boosts I lobbied hard for this and constantly, it was putting a huge dampener on frigate PVP especially for the race locked alphas at the time.

Discussing 500mn HICs and getting CCP to publicly announce that they are looking for solutions

These are just a few of many small tweaks and little things I’m incredibly proud of having an impact on while I served

I feel like I’m really good at communicating ideas in a presentable way to CCP, focusing on the problems with sensible solutions. A few examples of changes I’ve driven and influenced before I was a CSM member are the T3D balance changes last autumn, I was a member of the T3D group, CCP Fozzie even gave me a shoutout in the thread! You can read some articles I wrote here and here. I also feel like the current command bursts and OGB removal were heavily influenced by the blog I wrote on them here.

My Main focus for CSM 13 is to ensure that the Abyssal Deadspace Mods and Triglavian Collective ships come out in a balanced and viable state, that the metaplasmid (Abyssal) modules do not destroy the faction/deadspace market. Hopefully getting some small FW tweaks, Ship balance as usual and constantly pestering CCP until 500mn HICs are no longer a thing :smiley:

And of course all your concerns!

FAQ / Other Stuff

  • I’m politically neutral, I’ve been in Karmafleet, Pandemic Horde, Dreddit, Brave Newbies, and dozens of other corps in the last 2 years. I don’t pick sides or hold grudges and couldn’t care less about politics. I just go where the wind and the best content takes me. I don’t and won’t drink the kool aid and tow the party line for any particular group. I love being around new players.
  • I login, play eve, and undock frequently. I’m someone who experiences eve daily, both in its greatest and worst moments. I’m not a pencil pusher who only plays eve on the forums or in a Jabber client. I’m also primarily a solo player that operates on the ground floor of eve online. I’m not a leader or a high-level player in a big group, so I therefore experience what the vast majority of you experience.

Contact Me
ingame mail
Suitonia #9514 (On Discord)
@Suitonia (On Twitter)


Hello from Gallente factional warfare. What kind of ideas did you have in mind for FW? And can you speak a few words on your perspective on what you think about pirate frigates inside novices and general thoughts of the health of the ship meta within FW as a whole.

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We’ve talked about a ‘true novice’ plex blocking pirate frigates at the CSM winter summit, unfortunately, CCP don’t have an easy way to do this at the moment.

I think Novices and Smalls have fairly decent metagames inside them at the moment, although things are somewhat stale and played out at this point. What I would really like to see is somewhere that T1 Cruisers, T3Ds and Battlecruisers could shine, as right now these ship classes don’t really have a place in FW where they do well.

Mediums allowing up to T2 Cruisers and notably, Combat Recons, has really put a bit of a dampener on players looking for fights in cheaper cruisers. I’d like to see mediums divided into 2, an ‘Advanced Medium’ Allowing everything in medium currently, and T1 Battlecruisers, and the normal medium becoming T3D+T1/Faction/Pirate Cruiser only. The Lack of Recon possibility will probably improved the odds of T1 cruisers and T3Ds going there for fights, and curtail to the huge jump from Small to Medium somewhat.

My Ideas for FW mostly are

  • Rework the Tier System to be more based on personal performance (Gain LP Bonuses based on your personal rank/corporation rank rather than entirely based on the warzone tier, think project discovery where you rank up based on PVP kill value and Capturing Plexes) to encourage loyalty to factions and penalise farming alts and mission pullers who do not contribute meaningfully to the warzone and just deflate the LP value of those who earn it by fighting. Also provides incentives for players to leave NPC corps and join ranked up player ones in the warzone which could help with player retention. Long term goals (FW rank 100+ etc.) for showing off and goals. Reduce the value of switching sides to whoever is tier5. Joining the losing faction is not as harsh, especially if you are loyal.

  • Rework the UI to help players find content. Currently it’s outdated and like a spreadsheet, and you get way more information using ESI than you can get ingame (30 minute plex capture numbers, kills etc.) It would be good to have information like where plexes have been defended/captured recently, kills/losses, most violent systems, and some sort of NPC advisor system that recommends you where to go/what system to capture. Basically, make it easier to know where you want to go for action without needing 3rd party tools.

  • ‘3-4 Hotspot’ Systems that award double VP and LP for capturing plexes inside them for the day, use an algorithm that chooses a fairly neutral system between both sides, but biased towards whatever faction is losing the war zone. Creates dynamic active systems, farmers who don’t fight won’t be able to farm in peace in the hotspot systems with all the PVPers and FW players they will draw in, so indirectly hurts the farmers who plex in quieter systems. Double VP can break up stale warzones somewhat. Gives a high reward/high risk activity for people looking for action.

  • Look into the victory point values of each plex. right now all plexes are worth the same VP, but novices are the fastest to capture and require the least investment. Make larges/mediums worth more, novice worth less. Should help with rabbit farmers more as they will have less impact flying cheap plexing trash on the actual systems contested level, but still let them get fights/make money. Hopefully make more of the fun fights happen in larges/mediums. Debatelable if you want to move FW away from a focus on frigates towards more mid-range stuff though.

  • Some soft solutions for Citadels in FW space. I like the idea of bringing back the faction starbase charters, and requiring citadels in FW space to consume charters from whatever faction has occupancy for online service modules. This means you are indirectly paying militia pilots to have your structure online in FW space, and getting charters is not a big deal for FW corps who have LP. Corps that don’t put charters in their citadels don’t have online services and fall into low power mode so are easier to clean up. Ideally there could be more ‘strict’ solutions, but I think this is the most palatable and least drastic one for now.


+1 to all the FW stuff, I’ve always wanted the lp multiplier etc. to be based on individual pilot performance/time served rather than faction tier.
You have my vote for CSM :slight_smile:


Woah. That was a ton more than I was expecting. This is good. There are some things I like, and others I dislike. I’ll get through them one at at time. No need to respond to any criticism unless you feel I have changed your mind or that I misunderstood anything. Thank you for your interest in making the FW area and game a better place. It really is a kind of arena people are always asking for.

I feel the new ADC has livened things up a bit in the small complexes, and even those above it. They get pretty ballsy with that thing. It has been great. Novices, on the other hand, have been a topic of contention and I think that is mostly due to the misleading title of the complex, as you are really fighting some of the best pilots in the game; flying small ships is more difficult than any of the larger hulls, imo. Disallowing pirate frigates won’t make this any easier tbh and you will only hurt a great line-up of ships that are very fun to see and fight–but are multitudes better due to many more reasons than just base stats, as pilots that fly pirate often use very expensive modules, drugs, and implants. I feel it is all this combined which makes a noob feel so overpowered/overwhelmed in any confrontation with pirate frigates, where as they are often in meta fit ships and sometimes don’t bother to even bring navy ammo.

I would very much love to see the Large become “Unrestricted Outpost/facility” and the Large be given a Battlecruiser ceiling. I don’t mind t2 cruisers in the mediums, but I also wouldn’t mind them restricted from mediums if we can get a cool BC complex.

Hitting tier 5 is really only made possible with the large and fast accumulation of LP from mission running in high tier. Ranks, too, are meaningless at the moment when you can achieve General within a relaxed two days of mission grinding. I have not made too many posts, but one of them is entirely about snowballing, tier manipulation and the history of payouts if you care to read it.

While I love the idea of having FW redesigned in this way, I am not harboring any delusions of seeing this any time soon and would rather we got some balance changes that reduce the amount of farming and bring missions into balance (and pilots back into the complexes creating content) for the short term.

I don’t know what ESI is, but I know that we, as a corporation and alliance, go out into the warzone and scout around the area (about 2-4 constellations) before we undock a fleet. It doesn’t take long and I do prefer this very hands on approach to gathering intel, rather than rely on data that might be old news by the time you are able to form to investigate. The first party are the real content creators, while those that depend on 3rd party apps and the eve map statistics are just ping warriors, the crows and jackals of the pvp pyramid. Very big crows and jackals, in all respects most of the time…

If you mainly care about small scale pvp Suitonia should probably be your #1, He will be high on my list this year too.


What I love and enjoy about Eve is the reliance on real people for content generation. In FW we really already have hotspots, when systems become vulnerable after reaching a contested level of 100%. We also can create them at will, by staging a structure in, or adjacent to, an enemy home system. I would rather encourage better system rewards which incentivize corporations or alliances to spread themselves across the warzone and plant their flag somewhere. I had suggested that Citadels (during the dawn of their introduction) have a specific role inside FW space, in that a corp/alliance can ‘plant their flag’ with a citadel which takes the place of an infrastructure hub and becomes vulnerable by the same means a normal ihub becomes vulnerable. Alas, it never caught, and now we are infested with citadels everywhere, anywhere and docking restrictions now mean absolutely nothing.

As far as ‘high reward/high risk activity for people looking for action’ goes, Defensive plexing really needs to go the way of the Dodo. It is a zero effort, low risk and high reward activity (if you are a farmer). If you are a defender who actively keeps their system low, this mechanic is the most atrocious and awful activity to force your members to do. Dplexing low contested systems yields pitiful rewards and is the most boring but necessary thing to do as an entity that takes pride in not losing a staging system. It hurts the dedicated and rewards only those interested in the rewards and who have zero investment in warzone control. Having a mechanic that rewards you for losing is a terrible thing that must die by being sent into the hottest most unstable star that can be found.

As I stated above, most of the cheap trash fits that you will see in factional warfare can be put at the feet and blame of defensive plexing, which does not require you to even have any weapons. CCP might mitigate the effectiveness of farmers being able to avoid fights with the warp core stab restriction on gates, but you will still see empty hulls and stabs on large complexes, which do not have acceleration gates. By not applying this restriction to Ventures too only means that is exactly what you will be seeing now. Once again, as I stated in the Dev post about it, this change will do nothing about trash fits. They treated one symptom, but not the underlying cause of *****y fits and uninterested AFK plexing: Defensive plexing paying out and being the ONLY existing way to lower the contested value of a system.
I don’t want to dplex. It sucks. I will do it with alts in empty ships if I have to. It is not an engaging mechanic, nor does it inspire engaging content (most of the time).

I do like the idea of victory point value of different sized plexes to be different.

Don’t be afraid of enacting harsh restrictions or penalties to Citadels owned by neutrals or the enemy faction. There really is a LOT of non-FW lowsec systems which any of the large pirate/neutral entities can really pick and choose from. They are mostly uninhabited and rarely used. This may give them some life. Tell them they can consider it a commute to a good job and that they should not feel entitled to undock and pvp on their doorstep and suffer zero consequences to where they choose to live (inside the warzone), yet reap every benefit of a diverse and healthy hunting ground. The charters is a good idea, but ultimately too soft.

I wanted to add that you have my vote on top 5 for me and my deplexing alt, regardless of any disagreement I might have expressed here. Cheers.

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I would rather the neutral citadels stay and think Suitonia’s idea is a good compromise. He will be getting my vote based on this issue specifically.

Thanks for the pushes on changes! They are much appreciated, the fw thoughts looks really good, love the idea of being able to fight on the loosing side without having to be poor becuase of it.

What are your thoughts on rapid light’s and their effects on small meta ship’s?

I’m not asking for a neutral structure anchoring ban within the warzone. Just a hefty penalty to fuel costs for doing so.

Are you in FW?

Like last year, you again have my vote. Quite possibly the best person for the job, you’ve done incredible work in the past- and I’m sure you’re going to do the same in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you on the CSM for another term!

What is your relationship in game with Suitonia, if you don’t mind me asking, or is it that you are that impressed with his statement on neutral Citadels, which doesn’t really benefit you except to repair that propless Corax after a fight.

Tell me. How many neutral enemy Citadels have you cleared out of your home system because the enemy docks in them?


I like that benefit.

I would prefer they can dock, I prefer enemy pilots being able to reship and fight anywhere on the map rather than concentrated around areas where the “frontline” is. I know you don’t like this and I won’t try to convince you otherwise, but that is my position.

taught me so much through your vids