Stitch Kaneland for CSM 17

Hi again everyone,

I’m running for CSM again this year. I’ll be focusing on solo, small gang, low sec (both FW and non FW) and overall game balance. I like to look at EVE in the big picture, rather than just staying focused on a narrow area of space. Changes can’t happen within a vacuum and need to try to draw all area’s to keep things relatively balanced. Which is most changes i’ve had implemented into the game haven’t directly buffed “my” playstyle, but multiple playstyles.

I’m a single account character. I solo pvp, do industry, PVE, huff gas, market trade and everything on just this character/account. In a way, I try to represent the “casual” player and show what you can achieve in EVE without tons of alts.

I’ve never been on the CSM, but have had direct changes implemented into the game multiple times in the past. There is a good chance that a ship you’re flying has been affected due my proposed changes and feedback. I’ll provide more details on this further down.

Your EVE Online story.
I’ve been playing EVE since about 2011 and have experienced nearly all areas of space. When I feel that i’ve experienced what that area of space has to offer, i’ll go explore other options. This has given me experience in highsec, lowsec (both FW and non FW), nullsec and WH space. I currently reside in WH space.

What really made EVE “stick” with me was the freedom to fit ships however I wanted. No other game has given me the level of freedom EVE has to make whatever I want, or make something ridiculous but still functional.

I enjoy flying off-meta fits and being unpredictable. This unpredictability and flying off-meta has allowed me to find a lot of hidden strengths (and weaknesses) on a large variety of ships. Which has helped lay the foundation to understanding a lot of ship balance and even overall game balance concerns.

Overtime i ended up creating a youtube channel outlining my fits and tactics. I’ve helped many realize that torpedoes are actually an excellent weapon system (and provided feedback to buff them in a manner that deals with some of their weak points without making them OP) and continued to push solo battleship tactics and non-meta theories with success.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

As i’ve mentioned, I play solo with only 1 character. This gives me a very unique perspective of the game compared to other candidates who play with alts. It allows me to provide guidance and balance in ways that even a casual player can enjoy and not feel like they need an alt to enjoy.

I’ve had numerous additions added to the game over the years, starting around 2015. Even without being on the CSM, i’ve had my ideas implemented into the game. This either means that my ideas are good enough that CCP agrees with them, or CCP already had these ideas in mind and that my thought process aligns with theirs. In either scenario, that makes my feedback valuable in the ability to smoothly go through potential issues and target problem areas with precision.

This is a list of the things i’ve helped implement into the game:

2015 - Battlecruiser role bonus rebalance (My thread on how to rebalance)

2018 - Battleship scan resolution buff (My thread for scan res buff)

2019 - Torpedo fitting and range buffs (My initial thread for torpedo fitting/range buffs and my follow-up thread after CCP announced torpedo changes)

2019 - Mandatory ESS as a Content Driver (My thread for ESS, this does differ quite a bit from CCP’s implementation, but the basic principle remains the same)

2020 - BLOPs Rebalance (My Thread)

2022 - Battleship shield/extender role bonus (My Thread)

Some well received ideas that have not been implemented (yet):

2020 - Muninn rebalance (My thread)

2020 - Swapping Armor Rigs to an Agility Penalty instead of Speed (My thread on the forums and on reddit)

2020 - HAC Targeting Range Nerf (My thread)

2021 - Weapon Tiericide, Range Creep and Ship Ecosystem (My Thread)

Hopefully these posts give you an idea on my position and perspective on ship balance. As you can see, these aren’t generally posts focusing on solo/small gang, but overall ship balance and ship interaction balance. Several of these posts are targeted particularly at nullsec PvP and fleet fights.

A lot of candidates can claim big ideas. But the thing that sets me apart is that my ideas have actually been implemented into the game.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

To provide a knowledgeable, non-biased and extensive perspective for ship balance and ecosystem balance. I am the swiss army knife of balance and can quickly learn or gather information on areas i may not be fully familiar with and provide feedback in an efficient manner. Which i feel is lacking through some of the past CSMs. There are too many singular focused CSM members and not enough who try to look at the big picture.

What can players expect from you?

  • Non-biased input to CCP on ways to improve the game
  • I am a neutral entity for wormholes, I don’t have an agenda, i just live here
  • Easy to contact and talk to for escalating issues to CCP as needed
  • Focused on improving FW as it was my favorite area of space when it was alive
  • Willing to learn or gather information on areas that I may not be fully aware of all the intricacies of
  • Not completely stubborn or refusal to admit i’m wrong (I can be stubborn if an argument doesn’t disprove my perspective and is more based on “feels than reals”).
  • Passionate about new player SP requirements and ways to alleviate balance pains (SP Waste)
  • Wanting to challenge EVE’s “alt” focused nature, specifically in regards to gimmick balances that ease alt usage further (“press button, receive bacon” kind of module interactions)

Feel free to ask me questions below or join my discord for a chat.


Best of luck Mr.Stitchland, please shill for ship balance and projection : )

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The game would, literally, not be the same without all the balance changed CCP has implemented following Stitch feedbacks and suggestions.

Get this man a seat in the CSM. This is way overdue.


EVE is in a bad place as of 2022 and sorely in need of a vocal CSM that advocates for the casual player. Stitch is the guy, give him your votes.


I have tons of alts because I like them. I also think it’s silly and unsustainable that after a certain point in your Eve progression, alts are essentially required, whether you like them or not.

This multiboxer is proudly voting for Stitch!


Stitch is an excellent candidate and is on my list again

I urge all wormholers to include him as well.


I will 100% be voting for you Stitch.


Stitch is a good man and one of the best minds in the game right now when it comes to small gang pvp balance. This is an easy vote for anyone with a functioning brain.


I appreciate your technical knowledge on the balance of subs my dude.

On the topic of the alt gimmik:
Are there any good examples of multiboxing?
Is the mechanic wrong overall or is the risk to benefit ratio too skewed?
Bacon is not kosher, are you an antisemitic candidate?

There are good reasons to multi-box or run alts. Because CCP has made very low engagement positions needed to be multi-boxed or run by alts. For example, cyno’s. No living person wants to be a cyno bish for someone else to move their capital. So an alt makes sense there, and I don’t think it really harms the game either. Same for PI and market trading alts.

Some “good” examples of multi-boxing might be like an interceptor alt. Because they can at least be module/micro intensive. A counterpoint to a boxed inty is a boxed ramjag. Because there is not really a whole lot of input you need on a ramjag. You approach, turn on ADCU and ram. And it will work well, even with minimal input. Which is why I really don’t like one input button modules like ADCU/Bastion/Links etc. They just make it easy to multi-box.

I think we’ve seen what happened when multi-boxing or alts get out of control with things like rorqs or roach fleets in wormholes. Infinite scaling ends up being the problem with alts/multi-boxing.

I’d be hesitant to the say the mechanic is wrong. Its not that I think alts/multi-boxing shouldn’t be possible, its that a lot of the game mechanics keep making it easier or incentivizing it. Obviously from a business perspective, this makes sense in the case of things like miners. But for pvp or player interactions, it starts to muddy the waters. Especially with new players. I don’t know how many times i’ve seen new players show interest in pvp just for some sweaty tryhard to tell them “Don’t bother with pvp unless you have at least 3 alts” or some nonsense like that.

So more to answer your question, i’d say the ratio is maybe a bit skewed in favor of alts, because all the ease of use modules help facilitate having alts without any large penalty.

What are your thoughts on backpack alts? Right now it’s a meme in my alliance because everyone who flies kitey (myself included), has a bifrost with triple skirm links. It’s one of the those roles that isn’t very rewarding to do if that’s your main as you either lose out on a lot of utility by fitting triple links or you lose on the effectiveness of the links if you only have one or two of them fitted.

Backpack alts i’m kind of indifferent on. Its one of those roles that aren’t engaging to be in, but at the same time the “back pack” alt feels more like an option and isn’t necessarily wide spread in the game. Like you said, its kind of a meme, but people do use it to some degree to be more effective.

Like we have a couple guys in my corp that use backpack stork, but only for specific ships. Like Keres, since it scales really well with info links. And since info links are kind of obscure for general purpose small gang uses, it doesn’t make sense to have the gang’s BC hold an info link, especially since the keres isn’t going to be in the middle of the gang.

So again, backpack alts are kind of a meme in most cases, but there are some situations where they make sense.


Been following you for eons, ever since your first youtube video I beleive, got my vote and that of many of my corp mates.

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That seals it for me, you’ll get my vote

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You got my vote(s)!

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Currently booking CSM 17 interviews on behalf of Ashterothi. Sent Eve Mail with details. Let us know if you’re available this weekend.

That discord link doesn’t seem to work for me, currently.

I have another one for you: I.B.I.S, while I think the name is a bit silly (why do people think everything needs an acronym?), there are a bunch of people in there that might be able to provide more publicity for your cause.

Plan is to go through all CSM candidates this year, and put all non-null-block - backed individuals on a list. We will then watch and listen to the remaining candidates during the campaign period and create our ticket by giving every member of all the communities joining in a say about who is on the ticket and at what position.

Sorry about that, I updated the discord link with one that doesn’t expire. I’ve also joined the linked discord :slight_smile:

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I don’t even know you guy, but I already love you.
Also, solo heroes are the least toxic players in EVE in my opition.

100% voting

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Thanks! Most solo players probably understand they handicap themselves and most of the bad stuff they encounter is kind of expected (to some degree). Just gotta take the hits and keep rolling