Suitonia for CSM16

I vote for people with deep in-game knowledge and good communication skills so obviously I’ll be voting for Suitonia.


You have my vote.

I would generally be really opposed to extrodinary measures for the most part. I think preventing supers from existing in lowsec would probably be too extreme, lowsec is still required for moving and purchasing capitals. CCP has done a great job recently by making supercapitals much more risky to field with the surgical strike patch. That said, I do understand that there are issues for smaller lowsec groups, especially in FW lowsec, who don’t have much options other than to kiss the ring or die when it comes to dealing with capital focused large lowsec groups.

I think there are other solutions, such as citadel solutions for FW lowsec, improving existing stations to give more of a benefit to smaller lowsec groups who don’t need to put down infrastructure that can be targeted by big cap blobs that could be looked at instead.

Most proposals I have are to increase the amount of opportunities there are to create fights in eve. Here are some fairly basic ideas I’d like to push, Being a CSM doesn’t make you a game designer though so it’s important to keep that in mind.

  1. Make it so you can’t take Ansiblexs while scrammed/pointed. I think Ansiblex gates are insanely powerful, but rather than nerf them directly I’d like to see more of a player solution where they become more dangerous to use. So they would behave more like the previous jump gates which you couldn’t use in a bubble or while tackled.

This means that you can be waterboarded on them more effectively, traps can be laid by bombers + cloaked dictor for travelling fleets, and you can kill players more easily with only a small group not requiring mass webbing ships to stop them from just reapproaching and leaving again.

  1. Add a hotkey for repairing modules because having to use the right click menu exclusively for it is annoying, having a modifier key such as alt that you could hold down and click the module to start repairing (like holding down shift and clicking to overheat) would be useful.

  2. Make a use for the 15 man filaments because they are useless with 25 man being so cheap since every single omega player gets one every 30 days. I think adding in some special features, such as a ‘regen’ 15 man filament that heals your shield/armor/hull to full when jumping - which would be really nice for structure tank solo/small gang roaming, or putting in more slants like one which always takes you to an ice belt, or one that always takes you to a metaliminal storm system for example, still random and you can’t completely choose where you’re going but allows you to have more options and could create new gameplay like ninja ice mining.

  3. Ways to sort the ESS menu on the Agency, you can ‘filter’ the results but you can’t sort them. Being able to filter by ISK, DBS and jumps makes sense. This could also be useful on other agency tabs, like being able to sort number of sigs on cosmic signatures.

  4. A major pet peeve of mine is not being able to save filaments in your ship fits, as well as it failing if you have deployables such as mobile depots or mobile warp disruptors in them.

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