Kalen Tsero - CSM 15

Hello all, I am running once more for CSM. I have ran before and refuse to give up. It’s one of my most “endearing” qualities that any ally that has fought alongside me can attest to. Without further ado, here’s the main bit most of y’all care about before you tear in to me.

  • Your EVE Online story.
    I started EVE in '13. Lived in highsec as a miner and mission runner for about 6 months before I finally joined a player corp. Said player corp was EVE University, I stayed in there for two years. Spent one year learning everything I could from lowsec pirate life, to wormhole life. I spent the other year being a mentor, teacher, working in titles and was a campus officer. I was in charge of bringing newbros in to the wormhole campus and knew how to let them have viable fun in the wormhole with both any fights we would get for the night as well as any PvE we did. Also worked hard at learning how to FC several hundred people during evictions. After that, I left to join WAFFLES. Was there for almost a couple of years. During that time, I maintained the lowsec pirate life, went on mercenary contracts to null and dealt with sov null life during that. Once I became a recruiter, a few friends and I came up with the idea to create a public roam. Eventually, it culminated in a corp that I started to spend all my time creating. This lead me to become inactive on my main in WAFFLES and they inactive purged me. I have since spent the last 3 years leading this corp.

  • During this time, we have lived in a lot of places all over the map. We lived in normal lowsec, npc null, participated in Faction Warfare on AmarrMil’s side, short stint in highsec to recoup after a few bad losses, now we live in jspace. In AmarrMil, I got my first hand experience at leading a coalition. We were losing the warzone so badly. I decided to get a few of the major players together. Due to being the one to bring everyone together, I was voted to be the defacto leader. The Order of the Crusader was born. During its life, we successfully beat back the Minmatar scourge and win. Groups such as Aggressively Feeding, Ungentlemanly Warfare, Shards of New Eden, and many others. Including my own Tsundere Triad. Eventually, we left once the fights started dying due to winning the warzone so handily. (That and like, the 6 civil wars Amarr Mil managed to have in that time span). I have also spent time in ProviBloc from Jin’taan practically begging me to join. Months later, I also joined NSH on my main to live their lifestyle after being inactivity purged from WAFFLES for a second time. (It’s almost as if running a corp takes a lot of time :V)

  • Last year, we decided to come in to jspace, and now I am tasked with creating a space where not only newbros, but alphas can also thrive in one of the harshest spaces. We have recently taken in another corp in to the alliance thanks to alliance level bookmarks being a thing and we are working on a newbro program to help them acclimate. I am working hard at doing all this work with my dedicated team.

  • Your areas of expertise.
    Leading groups of cats that shouldn’t get along too well, to a successful degree. Not at an FC level, but at a military leader level. Organization at the uppermost level is what I am best at.
    In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?
    Most knowledgeable? Lowsec and Wormhole life easily. They are where I spent most of my EVE career, spent around 5-6 years in both spaces individually, living in both of them at the same time most of my time in this game. What sets me apart? I am one of the very few leaders who are willing to help bring new players in to jspace and teach them this way of life without having very high requirements. That is a unique position and I am proud of all of the progress we make in helping teach this to others.

  • Why are you applying for the CSM?
    I won’t lie, I desire to leave my mark on this game in all ways I can. Helping to protect the two areas of space I care the most about, lowsec and jspace. That is the one way I can be the most impactful. Sure, what I am doing is decent for wormholes in general, but to also get us another voice on CSM can really help.

  • What can players expect from you?
    I refuse to give up when my mind is set on something. I am extremely persistent, so if I spot an issue with something CCP plans on doing, I won’t relent on letting them ignore the issues. Once I set my mind on a goal or plan, I perform it to the best of my abilities. Also, to earn the weeb vote, I promise to maintain Jin’taan’s work at getting us cat ears in EVE.


Impressive resume.

You do know that time will be an even rarer thing if you do get on the CSM?


Why? I thought the gig was just a one week paid vacation to Iceland. Snicker.


Yeah that’s what reddit /r/eve has told me. You mean the CSM is actually like… a second job? Bahhh, just goon propaganda trying to keep the outsider candidates from running.

Kalen, do you have a campaign video I can watch?

Yeah, but it doesn’t have monthly activity requirements of getting kills. It’s attending meetings which is much more manageable. It’s a different kind of time sink.

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I do not, I don’t have that kind of artistic pizzazz. I’m just an everyday capsuleer. Think of me like the EVE version of Joshua, the socialist trucker :V.

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You should watch Xenuria’s video…

Going to assume it’s bad? I would love to have one but my skills in design are for static things and I just don’t know where to begin making one tbqh.

I wouldn’t say it’s “bad.” It seems to represent him well. I would never have come up with something like that, myself. It did not require advanced skills.

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Making a video isn’t hard. Even if it’s just 120 seconds of you talking to the camera about spaceships it still differentiates you from the other candidates who couldn’t be bothered to spend 5 mins making a campaign video. This isn’t a Marvel Film, it’s you telling people why they should vote for you.

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