[Summer 2019] New Pirate Implant Sets

So bullshite then :slight_smile:

I feel cheated.

April fools i guess, CCP hates us all and doesnt want anything fun.

TBH, i just want the halo buff they threatened.

April fools jk.
He did got ya’ll

Ccp did not mean to lie to us. They just hadn’t thought about the balance issues.

Maybe because they keep looking to have them mimic the old slaves armor HP when they could more easily have shield slaves simply give resist bonuses which are then balanced out by the already existing DR system.

Basically it would give people the option to either get that extra X% resist by fitting more tank modules or use a mid slot for an offensive module. Depending on how much tank is already stacked up that could easily be less than a percent in some profiles making it more of a choice than a necessity to just always fit tank.

edit - I never understood CCP’s narrow focus on this. The original Devs designed these systems such that armor and shield tanks were two different tanking methods and needed to be balanced accordingly. So why so much emphasis on making the implant sets mirror each other?

So, Ive done some math and tried to work out the end numbers for this set, what I don’t know is how the set bonus are applied to the actual turret.
High grade Mimesis set Bonuses :
Alpha 1.5% 1.2x 1.06718464
Beta 2.0% 1.2x 1.44 1.08957952
Gamma 2.5% 1.2x 1.728 1.1119744
Delta 3.0% 1.2x 2.0736 1.13436928
Epsilon 3.5% 1.2x 2.48832 1.15676416
Omega 1.8x 4.478976
Totals 4.478976 1.69665119596 Max Dmg Bonus 69.665%
—> Max penalty -1.65% per cycle <-- is that correct or does the secondary bonus apply, and if the secondary bonus applies, does the Omega apply? ( many issues with that)

Finally how does the bonus apply to the actual weapon? is the Dmg Bonus added or multiplied?

With Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator Max Dmg Bonus 150+69.665% =219.665% ??
150% Max Dmg Bonus OR 150 x 1.69665 = 254.4975 % ??
5% Dmg increase per cycle Dmg Mult Per Cycle +3.35% ?? eg. 5%-1.65%
OR 5% -4.105728% = 1%
(-0.33x5) x 2.48832 = -4.105728%
OR (some other math I haven’t thought of yet)

Any help or clarification would be useful.
EDIT At least in testing the final values i got were as follows %254 Max Dmg bonus and +4.641% Increase per cycle on Sisi

I know the midgrade complete set gives me @226% max damage bonus (up from the base 150%) and a @4.65% damage increase per cycle (decrease on the base 5% increase per cycle).

I’m guessing a full set of highgrade will have the same damage increase per cycle that was given by the low/midgrade versions, but closer to 250% max damage bonus.

Not had a chance to confirm this, but have everything all in another clone awaiting transfer.

Oh note those % are including skill bonuses.

Calulations are out, they are more this

150% max damage bonus
+69.5% implant bonus
=226.6% Damage max bonus (150×1.695) (the bonus from plants increase as a percentage, not as an additional)

When home i can pull exact specs off the turret.

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