[Summer 2019] New Pirate Implant Sets

Mimesis new implant set was introduced yesterday. And I found one question.
Mimesis implants have a penalty as tertiary effect. It’s explained in description “-33% penarty to damege multiplier increase per cycle”, but in attributes “Damage Multiplier Bonus Per Cycle Modifier : -0.33%”.
Which is the CCP’s intended value?

I calculated both case.
If -33% is true, total damage amount while a turret shots 500 charges is almost unchanged from amount of the case of without implants.
If -0.33% is true, Damage Multiplier Bonus Per Cycle is almost unchanged so it’s just like it has no penalty.

This is base value, which gets multiplied by secondary set effects, like on any other set. Net set effect is the following:

+43.1% max spoolup bonus
-6% to spoolup damage increase

When you apply it to some trig hull without spoolup bonus, it means:

+6.38% time to reach old spoolup cap
+53-54% time to reach new spoolup cap
+25.9% dps bonus at new spoolup cap

Mimesis break-even point for total damage output is approximately 130-135% of no-set spoolup time. It means that if you shoot single target less than that, mimesis is worse than no set at all, if you shoot it longer - it’s better. For instance, for quite expensive leshak (very good rolls on damage mods, 5% rof implant) it translates into 140 seconds.

For ikitursa and nergal numbers are different.

Mimesis set is a worth implants, I know.
I think -0.33% penalty is applied in TQ.

But, I didn’t want to point out its worth.
I just wanted to say, “-0.33% penalty is meaningless”, “-33% penalty is too severe” and “which is the typo -0.33% or -33%”

edit: nvm, understood what you are trying to say. Indeed there’s a typo, -33% should be -0.33%.

0.33 is the correct value
and the 1.2 “Set bonus” also apply to this penalty.
The end result is around 6%, turning 5% per round to 4.7% per round.
I’ve made a set with blueprint from DED.
Ah I think I replied to the wrong person.

Though it is written that “increase secondary effect 20%”, in fact it apply to tertiary effect too, isn’t it?

Correct. And this is intended, as far as I understand. Description is just wrong.

Confirmed by someone who responsed to my bug report

Why announce this if it was never going to happen. I would say I’m surprised, but this is ccp!

Maybe CCP finally got some common sense and sees how bad shield slaves would be for the game?

Dear CCP
Summer is almost over now.
Thank you.

Aww Tipa, imagine you live in a class 6 pulsar and have a Wyvern to defend it… LOL!!!

¿What happened?

So, Summers over, Where are the Implants at, Or is this just classic CCP ?

Mmmmm, Slaves… Yeah, I like those Slave Implants for shield.

Ccp just wanted to change the name of slaves to amulets.

They were just having a laff, buy some skins instead m8 (get them while stocks last)

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Maybe they meant Summer here (which officially kicks off in Dec), so now, winter has ended, and we can all look forward to Shield Implants in the summer (still)!

Though I fear this is just one more item that’s been added to the ‘we’ll iterate on that’ bin :expressionless:


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Anyone have a full list of those? I know there’s Angel Cartel capitals, Shield Slave implants, and some ship redesigns, but nothing beyond that.

Come on guys, they said summer, just not which summer hahahahahahahaha!!!1111eleven

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