What happened to the new pirate implants?

I remember at fanfest 2016 CCP mentioned about adding several new pirate implants. Since this I think only the Serpentis implants have been added; what happened to the others ?!?

Relevant reddit thread

Relevant presentation slide:

They are not here yet. Like a lot of things promised times ago.
I am still waiting for the 3 min warp. Well i guess it is more hoping than waiting.
Some dreams never die.
Stay positive.

Found it again after a bit of research. Look at 51:42

I’ve heard of a certain womhole system that offers warps in that range, Mark.

Hes referring for the 3 minute emergency warp to counter bumping.


They got pirated.

dk how will they do new implants when they still have problems with the existing ones. for example the tank booster III is not working on capitals and i have reported this bug 2 months ago and they did not fix it yet.

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Implants are a mess in this game.

I dont think CCP should ever have instituted LP based implant purchases, but its too late to cry over that spilled milk now.

Furthermore there are some implant combinations that are outright OP.

Probably Im just salty that Angels Halos are ironically the least useful on Minmatar hulls, as the % reduction to sig doesnt scale well with the smaller sig of them to begin with… :frowning:

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