Pretty sure implants are in for some new releases

So while plugging in a new clone the other day I noticed on all the most basic implants that 2 new levels of implants seem to have been added to everything. +6 and +7 implants are listed under the variations tab of ALL the implants that are used for training but they are no where to be found on the market.

Probable new content, but currently no idea where they are coming from.

Incoming market disruption.

To add to this market disruption I would also like to point out a certain rogue drone chip was dropping like candy a few days ago. I literally got so many chips it equaled all the previous amounts of chips I had gotten for like the past year before it. While it seems to have stopped, it definitely encouraged me into a full sell off of that product.

Well, I wonder if they will be in the LP store, I am ready to buy.

+6&7 were in the files atleast 8 years ago never checked if they actually exist as collector items

+6 you can already get, but not all of course.

The +7 ? Maybe they will be coming with the fleet abyss stuff and be obtainable by using mutaplasmids on the +6 implants ?

One attribute is not worth the isk investment of rnging a +6 unless you plan to play eve in your third reincarnation.

I think it would be a good idea to make those +6 as blueprints final rewards in some hard agency event, tied to abyssal space. :thinking:

One random 1 unit blueprint copy of +6 implant per completion of course. :brain:

Those were given out in EVE’s early days as rewards for winning event races… CCP hasn’t handed any new ones out in the past 12-13 years, afair.

12 years is a lot of time. Is time at last to bring them back as rewards again then, for extra tough event challanges, 10 000 points farming now. :sunglasses:

still waiting on the rest of my genolution set

What’s the point, people with 5s won’t undock.


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