Summer has ended!

Your asking the wrong guy

Rhetorical question. Just in case pinged in the first post CCPeople ever bother to read this whole thread ^_^.

You guys are still going lol

A set with that name also didnt exist before then, so its technically new, too.

That’s definitely not.
To rename is not to release. When people sell you the same thing but with a different name, they are lying and should go to jail.

man oh man i dont know what the low sec populations will do with being invaded by trigs…

and incoming bump nerf, now theyll have to come in with a scram to keep the target around

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You do understand, changing the name of something doesn’t make it “new”?
It simply means an old product or item has a new name.

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This 100%

CCP seriously needs to add - Soon™ - to all their announcements.

That way players will know it’ll happen sometime between now and when hell freezes over.

WiNGSPAN Delivery Network
When I left CSM X I legit thought tiericide would be done in a year. Oof

You’re like the third post I’ve ever flagged on this forums, ever.

I think they may want to push the stuff in update to later, just before christmas for major winter update. That was usually the thing. Something that will make articles here and there. :thinking:

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