Super Toon - Cap 5- Cool Name

Super Toon Awesome Name For Sale

Character Sheet


Capital Ships 5
Heavy Fighters 5

Some Long Skills Trained there

High Grade Clone

High Grade Clone Pic

Good Killboard


Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Empire

2 day Auction

Start 20b
Buyout 26b

17B Offer

20b offer

Jokers bid is basically a free bump …

21B offer

22b offer

Buyout Added

24b offer

Bump of the day

26B for B/O, rdy to money transfer

Buyout Accepted

Isk and Account info received - Toon shall be sent as soon as home from work via card Payment

Toon Sent

mail with confirm transfer received. w8 till toon come on account

char recieved, close theme pls

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