Supernova in Game Event

I was sitting down and i realized that considering how many systems there are in eve online.

So i thought to myself… all of those systems have suns… each system is slightly differing in age… but something that has never happened in any system is a supernova… the destruction of a system due to a sun going nova, i thought it would be interesting to add it as an event.

So i was thinking this would be a great PvE event and have some PVP outlying events

Helping people leave the system, Doing Data Sites to collect information about the supernova, the storyline could be amazing.

Whatever group that controls the system is calling on loyalists of said faction and SOE helping people leave the system and find new homes…while criminal factions are trying to take advantage of the supernova for profits

I don’t know i just thought it would be something awesome to do

People don’t really like losing their homes or transport links. There was a lot of upset people over the creation of Pochven.

i have always thought in eve… safety is not guaranteed… this is a cornerstone of eve online, its time to shake some feathers … laziness should not be rewarded…

I am one of them. And I’m VERY irritated that my guy who fought the Trigs has this -2.7 that gets him blown up in hisec if I’m not paying attention. He WAS a decent hauler.

How about Jita going supernova?

5/5 would not mind a rerun.

You can see the lingering effects of this today. @Daichi_Yamato hints at it with the Apocrypha trailer, but during that expansion several systems were hit with supernova-like planet-destroying effects. It’s eerie to visit them in K-space and see a shattered planet:

  • T-IPZB
  • Seyllin
  • SL-YBS
  • Z8-81T
  • 3HQC-6
  • EAWE-2
  • 35-RK9

(This was my visit to SL-YBS last year)

The main problem with suggesting map-altering events is that they can only be done once, because there’s a finite number of systems. Compared to Sansha Incursions, which can happen for a decade without changing the map.

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