Supernova idea

I am enjoying my foray into New Eden Astronomy, it’d be cool to improve this concept of “interactive gaming” by introducing phenomena that can be studied for events…like Super Nova…

That can end up damaging or blowing-up POSs, ships etc, that require actual study to determine when the event is likely to happen, so people know the risks when entering near such an object.

Supernovas are very rare.

Yeah but catchier title.

When writing it I was thinking more of something like an exploding wormhole, and you scan and monitor the conditions of an anomaly.

Supernovas would be problematic in game, getting rid of a star in a very fininte universe…or if an inaccessible star has exploded well then that doesn’t matter?

Maybe checking the skies for Supernova shockwaves…

You’ve never played Universe Sandbox² :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yeah, let’s start blowing up stars.

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