Is it a good idea for Frostline to be in one system per constellation?

For some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, it seems to be a dicey call to have event material only available in one system per constellation.

I was under the impression that for most events, rewards are tiered between high, low, and null space. If you condense where events can occur, It seems like it would effectively eliminate participation in low and parts of null, because now it’s too easy to find prey. And when the prey knows it’s going to be much easier to find them in low / null than usual, they might not even bother with event sites.

I could be totally off-base here, so I’m trying to see the positive that could come from one-system-per-constellation.

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From where do you have this information?

It’s called Permafrost this time. :wink:

I think they aim for a more competitive gameplay this time. One per constallation is a nice twist.

Its possible they completely expect you to utterly hate this event.
They give you 13 days of presents to forget about it.

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Maybe they just accepted to give presents during December because that’s generally what we do around Christmas.

Concerning the event being locked in a single system of a constellation, I agree that it’s quite bad for everyone, but competitive player will have to work hard for their rewards, which would then have high prices on the market because of the rarity. But to be honest, I hope this event will also be in wormholes.

Maybe they want people to actually interact rather than doing their scheduled farming in their own dark corners. Maybe.

But do you think that’ll happen? Wont the usual event farmers be out in force and the rest be wherever they usually are?

Yes. Better than the event farmers being in ten thousand different spots. More people in one area more interactions. Might see some fun emergent gameplay.

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If anything my bet would be on less Event Runners due to that exact set up.

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Sure. I’d rather have less players running them in total and more in each site. Anything that makes people get closer.

Well I hope you are right, but I just don’t imagine it’ll make anyone less risk averse.

I think it will. Drama can’t happen alone and odds only go up when there’s more people in a small area. And hey if events are being run less then the rewards will be worth more. We’ll see how it turns out.

I am unable to find a confirmation this to be true. Can somebody help out?

says there is one ice dwarf per constellation
scroll down

The only thing that makes me cringe about this Frostline effects is the trend in SKINs we’re seeing where there is glowing effects. Ugh like glowing weapons in fantasy games.


They jusmped the shark with unrealistic SKINs some time ago, I think year ago when they released Dramiel SKIN that had those fantasy flowing sparkles coming out of hull. Sariel’s flames.

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Thank you. Missed it.

yes, because sci-fi is not at all known for having pointless glowy things all over the place.

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How bout waiting to run the event before having a problem with it? No? Ok, never mind.

Hey I just think it’s outta place