Supporting someone in LE: suspect or criminal?

I believe you can do neutral repping again without incurring a suspect flag. Repping is totally on now thanks to some fairly recent changes. (However, this may not apply to duels).

The problem is repping probably won’t work on a venture unless its tanked and most aren’t. A ganker with a clue will blow them up so fast your rep most likely will not apply.

Yep, if you can alpha a venture, repping will not work at all.

Correct, you will go GCC if you try and rep somebody in a LE. However… if you attack a suspect, you can also then attack the suspect with your RR alts, which will allow you your alts to then rep your main while you attack the suspect without going suspect yourself or GCC.

The mechanic has changed to be more in favor of those attacking the suspect. Unlike the old way where the suspect you could just warp in any number of RR to keep everybody alive to kill those attacking the suspect.

In addition, in wars your RR needs to be in the same alliance or corp to assist. No more neutral anything for boost or RR. It is fun seeing some people still not understanding that going GCC.

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