Suppress a 'Fail' button @ contract in progress window - it's obsolete. Or make fail warning window brighter (red? blinking? etc.?)

What a sense of that button?
Only I was using it is ‘making mistake’ and pressing it instead of complete a contract.
I bet you (CCP) have to delete that button.

If we are talking courier contracts, the button exists to give the contract issuer the option to fail the contract if the time limit expires. The issuer could instead choose to delay failing the contract if they prefer their items, or they have reason to give the hauler leniency.

The person acceping the contract may deliberately fail it, too. If the collateral is set too low, some haulers will opt to fail, pay the collateral, if any, and keep the goods.

I have never made this mistake and can’t speak to how hard or easy it is to make, but the button has a purpose and needs to stay.

HM… Never thought from that side of view.
Yep I mean that button exactly but @contracteer (transporteer and not contract issuer) in progress window.
Case is it’s useless for transporteer and can only be “pressed in error” because is positioned near “compete” button (as I done once already). No any other effective (positive) function that does not have for contracteer (not issuer!).

Why to (‘press the’) fail (‘button’) then? They can just open the box and get the goods from there. They don’t need to ‘press the button’ for that action. It’s still looks like obsolete for that person who “accepted a contract”.

I made a mistake. with contract collateral 400M… That was… painful for me. And that’s the case why I writing it.

And I did not look much on ‘next window’ showed where said that contract will be failed and ‘are you sure’ because it was ALL GREY (nothing there were saying it’s something important nor any red or blinking signs that’d warns me it’s something bad). That’s why if not to ‘delete’ that button for that person who accepts contract but, at least make ‘next window’ (fail contract warning window) red-colored or blinking to mock the eye…

And complete ‘next window’ would be good to make green-colored for example - to fully understand just by ‘next window’ color what did you choose between that two little near-positioned (fail/complete) buttons.

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