Syndicate Division is recruiting

Syndicate Division is a fairly new Corporation with the aim to have fun and grow in New Eden.

We are proud members of SLYCE Pirates Alliance living in Null.

We can offer a Corporation that cares about it’s pilots and will help you grow and learn Eve.

  • Null security living with great ratting, anomalies and mining. Along with PVP fleets

  • A superior Alliance with all the amenities and a great Market

  • Buyback on minerals and PI

What we need from you -

  • Use of TeamSpeak and Discord is a must

  • A willingness to learn and cooperate with other members

  • Participation in Alliance fleets as able (RL still comes first)

  • The desire to have fun in Eve and make some new friends

Daily bump.



Just a little hello. We are still looking for more people :slight_smile:

Daily bump


Still open

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