Syndicate Enterprise

Public Channel: Synda-Public

Syndicate Enterprise is once again recruiting…

We are in need of well rounded, cool headed, personable individuals looking to have fun and create long lasting EvE Online relationships. Syndicate Enterprise is welcoming to a select group of people: drama free, willing to help better the corp, and embodying the ideals of a team player.

We offer a perfect balance of financial stability/success and a constant supply of PVP opportunities.
If you are interested in joining, have a minimum of 20m SP, and have an active killboard; join our public channel listed at the top or mail Mr Antisocial

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Constant PvP opportunities, the path to financial success, corp mates that will be there for you no matter the circumstances, a plethora of EVE knowledge… This is the corp you want to call home, this is your next step in the right direction to having fun in this game.

Mail Mr Antisocial or join our in-game channel: Synda-Public



Oh shi————wrong char

Damn it Mar0, you gave the game away!

bumpage for the corp is good