System Bulletin Board and System Administrator

I would like to suggest a new feature to EVE for the CSM to suggest to CCP. A key point of the feature is to add to EVE content and to give the players more control over the EVE environment, even if this control is merely in communications. This should greatly improve accessibility to the EVE universe, help to make the EVE universe more fleshed out, and thereby enhance player satisfaction and new player retention.

I am calling this a System bulletin board and the idea is that it would be accessible in a drop down menu which would call up the bulletin board for the system one is currently in. The board would be for in game content only and be used to inform travelers/ inhabitants of current goings on in the system…for example…that a war is taking place between corporations there or that it is plagued by gankers or what frequent pilots are trustworthy or untrustworthy or that there is a gate camp active in a neighboring system.

This System Bulletin Board would be run by a player who would be called a System Administrator with his one power being the only person (other than CCP moderators) to administrate/edit/post on the board. The title could be granted by vote or by the first player to claim the title (one system per character). Other rules could include immediate loss of the position if the administrator fails to make an edit in a one week period. etc.

Comment is invited. The usual shooting down of any idea offered is expected, complete with the usual accusation that this all over the loss of a ship. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of adding more ways to get more players involved but doing it on a system by system basis may not be the best, region would be more effective I think as well as a better interface for public fleets so we could get more new players into them.

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The concepts are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, I was thinking to start with system boards and build up from there…in many directions…including that one. This was only meant as a start. The activity this would generate could very well snowball.

I think this could cause issues, as people (an individual) won’t (shouldn’t?) be online 23.5/7, so could limit updates/info to the ‘prime’ TZ (or whichever TZ the sys admin is around in). If there’s a way to have these Events automatically posted I think that may be better. e.g. Corp A with its home station in System X has war declared, when the war goes active “War breaks out between Corp A & Attack Corp” gets posted the board, and if it’s a regional board you’d just say what system/s the battle is expected to take place in.

You’re last sentence though sort of makes it seem like your trolling, maybe rethink that one?


Even real humans in real life can not do not monitor/edit bulletin boards 24/7 except for maybe emergency services. I don’t even know where you got that concept. Local chat already covers minute to minute system events, or can, if players are willing.

A bulletin board is more general, covering items of longer effect/duration. And any administrator/ reader of said boards would either take that into consideration or be a complete fool.

As for what made you think “trolling” I don’t have a clue. I was simply talking about people taking an interest in the game and the feature expanding into more features based on the concept of player input/control of in game content.

The point I was making, which you seem to have missed completely, is that if you want people to use you’re board you’ll need up-to-date info. Which if there is only 1 person allowed to post to said bored isn’t going to happen. Gankers work to a preferred TZ too, you do of course realise?

Without that up to the minute info the use of the MOTD feature of their preferred chat already covers everything your ‘idea’ brings to the table, any competent person would already be aware of that, or be a complete fool.

I will add as it seems you’re not aware, anyone can make their own public chat channel, which gives them control over the contents (i.e. MOTD) and you can add/remove people that have the ‘write’ ability… it’s just better.


It’s an interesting idea, certainly.

And one which would have some uses in Sov Nullsec (and maybe some wormholes) Anywhere else, you’d have significant problems determining who has the ‘right’ to make changes. And you’d have significant problems keeping it to in game content. (GoT spoilers in Citadel names, for example. That happened)

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