System Cost Index timer

Hello all, I understand the mechanics and equations used to calculate the system cost index for any particular industry activity, but have not seen how long that % lasts for even after your jobs have completed.

Say for instance you were the only person running jobs in a system for any industry job, after you get your jobs running the system cost index will eventually start moving up, but after the jobs are done, how long until it goes back to baseline near zero? Is it a rolling amount of time or should it happen within minutes after the jobs are done? Anyone know? Thanks

IIRC (and there’s a good chance I don’t) 28 days.

It’s not really a timer, it’s just a running sum that spans 4 weeks worth of job time.



I would like to find a better source, but here is the eve uni data for this

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Thanks alot to both. Mod can lock the thread as I’ve got my answer.

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