Systematically Inconsistent - Be random with us!

Upon hearing the news our former alliance was reforming, former comrades and long time friends formed together to form, well, I don’t bloody know… Whatever the f*** this is. Tell you what, when you tell me, we’ll both know!

We’re just a merry band of pilots who just want to play eve together. Be it shooting rats, rocks, or ourselves, we just want to do it with friends.

Together with the alliance, we’re claiming a small hole of the galaxy for ourselves, a place for our shenanigans. We’re looking to bring players who are out finding their own place in the game into the fold, and get in on some of these shenanigans. If that’s something you want, join the ingame channel ’ Chasin Tails ’ to apply or have any questions answered.

Always remember, you can anticipate your enemy if they do the same thing all the time, so, BE RANDOM!

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Nature almost surely operates by combining chance with necessity, randomness with determinism…

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:doughnut: DONUTS approve this post a finger up for this comrade

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