[T.TAC] Newbro focused C4 corp, now recruiting!

Looking to get your feet wet in J-Space, while also being able to experience higher class of wormhole life? T.TAC is the corp for you. We offer a very forgiving experience for newbros, in a higher class of jspace! There’s something for both newbies and veterans alike. We have a focus on a relaxed environment for everyone, and to simply have fun staking a claim in the hostile parts of Anoikis.

What do you have, anyways?

  • A C4 wormhole with C3/5 statics. No matter your skill level, there’s suitable PvP and PvE content available!
  • A competent buyback system, to get paid out as soon as possible.
  • A focus on newbies, while also having something in store for veterans.
  • Fleets, for either PvE as well as PvP. Now there’s a way to make isk, and a way to use it.
  • A welcoming environment, with people willing to help to the best of their capabilities.

What do you need from me?

  • Ability to navigate Discord. (No, we’re not swapping to Slack.)
  • Able to be active, though remember that RL comes first!
  • English only corp. Ik spreek echt geen Nederlands.
  • …that’s it.

We’re a tight knit community, if you feel interested, join the Discord!

o7, see you in space.

Still recruiting o7

Still accepting pilots!

Still looking for pilots o7

Definitely taking in pilots. Cookies on offer.

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