T1 abyssal sites, countering Striking Kikimora

Hi! Alpha noob here. I tried soloing some T1 Electrical sites with a punisher fit: it works well with every room, but not against Striking Kikimoras: no matter the ammo and range i switch to, those things just wreck me in about 15s. Can you tell me what strategy I should adopt?

My current fit stats are 150dps, 101ehp/s, 970m/s, 37sig (I know, it’s slow).

I was thinking about switching to a speed/sig tanking fit, but I don’t know if it’d make any sense:
it would have 138dps, 67ehp/s, 1910m/s, 37sig.

I mean, I could gain some dps or ehp with more expensive modules, but I am mostly trying to find a good strategy to counter those kikis.

Any knowledge you care to share with me would be appreciated!

If no one answers your question, try asking in the abyssal lurkers discord.

Hmm, I only did Abyssal sites in Cruisers yet, they can handle much more damage.

The counter is either run t0s or outrun the kikimoras. Ranged ammo does not help if you can’t keep the kikis away.

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