New player new to pvp


i had a kilkimora ship with light entropic desintegrator 2 with mystic s, 2x small transverse bulkhead 2 rings and 2x entropic radiation sink 2 and some shields + warp microdrive and i lost in seconds without manage to do any damage to the opponent ship.

My main problems is always my ship in lowsec or nullsec suddenly freeze by the opponent EW system and i lost in a few seconds.

Any tips to avoid that ?

Hi Tetsuo,

I’ve looked up your Kikimora fit:

It looks like you’ve lost against a Nergal of a player who seems to really know how to fly his ships in solo battles, as he has been winning solo fights back to back for a long time.

You on the other hand do not yet have much experience yet.

I think the main reason you lost is a difference in experience. You’re a new player, but eventually that experience will come if you keep playing and keep flying ships into battle.

A few tips:

  • I would start by flying cheaper ships than a Kikimora. It’s cheaper to get experience how to fly by losing some T1 destroyers and frigates rather than losing Kikimoras. (You can always get back to the Kikimora later.)
  • Read up a bit more about ship fits: mixing hull tank, shield tank and active armour tank like you did rarely is a good idea - it’s better to focus on one type of tank and use the other slots for utility or damage.
  • In PvP, assuming you want to fight, you will need a way to hold your enemy down (or they will just warp away if you don’t) - a warp disruptor and/or scambler instead of your shield hardeners could be a good idea.
  • You’ve left a low slot and a rig empty. You could have put anything in there, like extra resistances or damage.

About the fight itself: I would be terrible in 1v1 fights as well, probably too late to do the right action at the right time, because I rarely fight in short 1v1 fights. More experience would help me make the right decisions at the right time, when to engage, when to use the propmod, when to burn away or orbit or keep at range.
Fight more and you’ll get that experience.


If you are flying something expensive you should have all relevant skills at lvl 5, including navigation and armor/shields. Without proper skilling expensive ship is just a very expensive coffin. Another problem with ships like kiki is that many would choose not to engage at all, especially t1 ships. Regarding fitting, you could use zkillboard to get ideas how to fit ships.

And the Kiki is a destroyer. It’s tougher than most glass cannons, but tank ain’t their selling point. The trig weapons take time to get to reasonable damage, but 1v1 fights, especially in frigs and destroyers are usually somewhat short. You could fit up several t1 destroyers for the price of one Kiki.

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