Kikimora High Sec mission

I love look of this ship…

Anyone got any fit or info about THIS ship and what mission level he can run with fit and some skills??

I know, more better ship, got Vexor and Ishtar… BUT i love how look Triglavian ship… ask in other topic about abyssal fit… but now i wanna more normal mission runner than abyssal :slight_smile:

Ofc any other ship from Triglavian will be ok BUT NO Rodiva !!!

Kikimora is my favorite HS combat exploration ship, the Vedmak comes in at #2. My Kiki will run any of the combat anoms found in Amarr or Gallente space, as well as anything up to 4/10 DED sites. I’ve never tried it in a 5/10 site personally, but there are those who claim to have done so successfully. I have never tried it in missions, but I can’t see it having trouble in anything up to Lvl 3 if the damage type is correct. It’s also pretty well suited to event sites tailored for small ships. It’s not always the fastest or safest, but to me it’s the most fun. This is my fit. You don’t need the Veles Light Entropic Disintegrator, it just gives a slightly faster ramp and a little bit of range. The fit is tailored for HS, so it’s both too squishy and too blingy to run anywhere truly dangerous.

[Kikimora, Anthracite]
Damage Control II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer

1MN Afterburner II
Tracking Computer II
Small Cap Battery II

Veles Light Entropic Disintegrator
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Small Capacitor Control Circuit II
Small Thermal Armor Reinforcer I
Small Kinetic Armor Reinforcer I

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8
Optimal Range Script x1
Tetryon Exotic Plasma S x2176
Occult S x2366
Mystic S x3245

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I’m told that with a lot of micro, the Kikimora can run L4 missions. I would like to test one day.

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