T1 Frigate Duel-pocalypse

(Original post flagged as inappropriate. Apologies for triggering the automated system) Should we organize a T1 frigate duel-pocalypse? There might be more people stuck at home right now, needing some more entertainment.

Could be a lot of fun!

If you want, you can try to organize that.

OP was flagged as offensive. Not sure why, but hopefully it’s no longer flagged. How do I organize such a thing beyond just trying to drum up the world on forums?

Pick a place and a time, ensure that everyone knows the rules, provide some basic fits for newbies.

Since this thread was originally marked as inappropriate, I made a new one:

this is a sandbox. You can try what you want. Diplomacy, eve forum, discord, put some prices, contact AT teams,
up to you