T2 battleship class: "Raid Battleship"

I’ll be honest, the concept of non-cap/cloak bridge is -1. The ship and details hardly matter.

Not necessarily, remember there is a very significant price jump between HICs DICs T3Cs and BLOPS. If you put such an ability on a BLOPS eitehr in form of a module or built-in, it would drive that even further.

And I do like your idea of splitting the BLOPS ships into 2 lines. Makes sense from every perspective.

What are your ideas to close the balance gap between battleships and caps ? What would you do ? How would you change them ? Maybe nerf caps instead, all of them down the line so they become balanced ?

I made a thread about it once upon a time… got mostly ignored.

I’d ■■■■■■■ LOVE the ability to have a blops-esk ship trading their cloak for more tank and being able to bridge combat recons and logistics configured T3Cs (specifically excluding covert subs). For anyone that wants cap killers, this’d do it.

They’d have a lot more tank and spank than blops (well, at least, more tank) but they’d be committed on grid when you drop them.

The balance gap between frigates and caps is much more important…

Gotcha. Now I understand. So you’re just an average botsec trolling botter that wants more bots for more caps. I guess since they pay you guys off its no surprise you troll here too.

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The point was there is supposed to be a balance gap.

I noticed that you didn’t include energy and projectile weapons, even though the ships these new line supposed to be based on have those weapons. And while I think the Abaddon would look awesome with launchers, there are a bit too many missiles for the raid battleships in my opinion.

Also, I think maybe we could give an AoE web ability to these ships, similar to the HIC’s warp disruption ability. It seems like a good idea for both PvE and PvP, but I’m not sure how much use would it actually have.

that was because i wanted to reference the missing T2 factions used by each empire and that means taking references from the other smaller hulls.

the case for the lack of laser and projectile hulls is because Core Complexion and Khanid are more known for making missile focused hulls, not to mention that Amarr and Minmatar have 2 turret based T2 battleship already in service.

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