T3 drone boat

Aloha capsulers.

I fly Rattlesnake and have decent missile, drone, shield skilz, but I got bored from carebearing L4s and decided to start free roam through low and null looking for adventures. Some PVP, more PVE (like besieged covert research facility). Since BS is not very practical for this I will do it in Tengu. I see a lot HM setups of Tengu, but is it possible to create hybrid missile/drone Tengu, to get more DPS and use my drone skills effectively? Or I should train another T3?

Tengu’s definitely not a drone boat.
If Cov ops. is a must then Proteus & Legion, Proteus has a pure drone offensive system with rail tracking ( 100mbit bandwidth ) , while the Legion a missile and drone offensive ( 50mbit bandwidth ) but there both armour boats, and tbh I think you’ll get more from a Proteus with the hybrid offensive system.

tldr; Gila probably.

if you want a cloaky interdiction nullified drone boat that will be the Proteus.

i dont know what kind of ship you need for those facility
but one of the nicest drone boats for roaming low solo is a pilgrim
its cloaky
its immune to dscan
and its scary as hell
pretty much anyone in lowsec will run a mile if they get so much as a sniff of a pilgrim in system
its a beastly solo pvp boat
but it isnt without its weaknesses
if has horrible slow align so if you run into a gatecamp you are pretty much screwed
even if you mwd and cloak
a skilled frig can decloak you and a gang will kill you fast
not because the ehp is low though
i took a full wrecking volley from a tornado with t2 1400s @26km optimal
with mwd on
and it never even scratched the armour
so check your map or scout ahead
make sure you avoid gatecamps
and if things start to kick off you can always use the ship for what it was designed for
popping the cyno


Pilgrim isn’t immune to D-scan as it’s a force recon. It’s the combat recon’s that don’t show on D-scan. In this case, it would be the Curse.

wow youre right
all this time i was flying thinking i was immune to dscan
and i wasnt
no wonder systems clear out so fast


That’s what local does for you. I’d be surprised if all those guys running away even know what dscan is.

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As a Rattlesnake pilot with good missile/drone skills you should take a look at the Legion. with the Assault Optimization subsystem. Fit Covert Reconfiguration and Interdiction Nullifier for travel and reconfigure for the task at hand.



Pls dont poke 3 year old threads

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