T3 Exhumer thoughts

T1 Meta4 guns are generally equal to T2 if using non-T2 ammo, with reduced CPU/PG requirements. T2 are only better if you are using T2 ammo in most cases.
T2 are popular doctrine items because they can be manufactured (unlike Metas which are loot dropped) and can use all ammo types.

Not really the point here… We’re talking about Strip Miners, not meta gun doctrine.

The point was that people can upgrade their guns from T1 to T2 and automatically get better performance with the same ammo. Then they can load special ammo that makes them even better.

T2 Strips perform worse than T1 Strips, unless you load the special ammo. Then they become more effective.

This is really just an attempt at lazy mining.

What you’re saying is, let’s have a ship that combines the speed and sig of a frigate, the hp and dps of a titan, with the fighter capabilities of a super carrier.

You want to combine all the aspects of all 3 t2 mining barges? Are you kidding me? There’s a reason why there are 3 mining barge variants. Each does something better while sacrificing something else.

A categorical no from me.

Yeah and (non-strip) T2 miners don’t take crystals at all… but this wasn’t my point.
My point was like Marcus said - I don’t see the point of T2 having worse base yield while ammo gives insanely high bonus, making T2+ammo perform somewhat better than T1. By how much? Can’t know for sure, so lemme grab my calculator … 16.7% for the T1 ammo and 25% for the T2.

So, T2 strip miner: 540 base yield (as T1), typical 10% worse fitting and whatnot, 15% bonus with T1 ammo and 25% bonus by T2 ammo. The same after ammo, much better before ammo. It won’t change much anyway, most people will keep fitting T1 if they don’t plan to use ammo or keep using ammo with T2.
Improve deep core mining stuff by the same 50% with the ammo nerf.

Though, frankly, different ammo for guns makes sense in the heat of the battle plus multiple choices are viable (eg “do I use fusion or PP here?”). For miners where choice or time delay in switching is never going to be fatal and there is a single correct choice per rock, it merely requires buying some region specific sets and keeping all of them on the ship. Pick the only single correct stuff when you start on the rock and that’s it.

wrong nerfing is always bad buffing is always the right answer

I use an Orca because it is a reasonable ship to drone mine from when you are a solo toon. I am happy with the range of choices that miners have with the frigates, the exhumers, and the command ships.

I could second a drone mining boat short of an Orca - some tank, some storage and good drone bonuses - trading those off for tank if you choose.

What I really want is the mobile depot equivalent for refining.

I’d also love if they would return to 1, 2 and 3 mining lasers for the various types of mining ships, rather than everyone gets 2. A Hulk with 3 was fun to both keep busy and to empty the cargo hold into cans to go to a fleet Orca. I miss that kind of high speed involvement in mining.

I’d like to see mining beams, buffed to 30km range, then move strip miners over to the industrial caps (rorq/orca), and some buffs given for them making strip miners specifically for industrial capitals.

This would allow us to potentially control rorq income, and as a result, allow them in high sec.

it upsets me that one has good cargo, and another compression, and we cannot team them up with high sec miners. a downright crime.

We (designers) do not conduct balance in that way, and it is an insanely ignorant position.
We do not make more work for ourselves by buffing everything.

Everything in a game has a targeted survival rate. when things fall below keepign those rates constant they are buffed, and when they go over, they are nerfed.

it make no sense for us to buff everything to real the intended survival rates just because you dont want a nerf. more importantly your likely advocating these positions for some reason of abuse.

shh quiet troll

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