T3 Manufacturing spreadsheet - 2022 - v5.0 - Update

New version is available to download Version 4.3

There will be new update in around 3-4 days. Also post bump :lobster:

Version 4.5 is Live: Tech3 Industries v4.5 Macro Desktop Version.xlsm - Google Drive

-Added posibility to add expenses
-Added fuzzwork API interrogation to extract prices for materials needed
-Added posibility to delete old expenses
-Added a nice chart

Version 4.6 is Live: Tech3 Industries v4.6 Macro Desktop Version.xlsm - Google Drive

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SOON - Freighter cost calculation will be included in the tool.

Same principle, you will be able to see how much sub-components you need to have in order to manufacture the final good in regards to what you already have in station AND what is currently manufacturing.

Please don’t request EDIT right to the Macro version, that is meant to be downloaded and run locally on a PC that has Microsoft Excel installed. Stated as well in the first post.

Version 5.0 is live.

Check out the first post or here:

If you have questions let me know.

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