Full Production Tree for.. for ex. T2 Fighters

Do you know where to get Full Production Tree for… for ex. T2 Fighters

(i can try to create my own… any advice which software to use)

Take a look at my blueprint calculator

Though it doesnt touch on reactions


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it is good start but
that is the point… " it doesnt touch on reactions"

i need
Magpulse Thruster
which req tritanium carbide, and ferrogel,
which requires …

i am interested to know if someone tryed


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If it’s not on fuzzwork just smash F5 for a while.

Thank you for your service, Steve!

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I use @Steve_Ronuken tools to set my floor price - and will not chase the market below that point. Otherwise, I am building from inventory - using material that may have been purchased weeks earlier. There is no way of knowing my “exact” cost without purchasing (or developing) a full material management package and I really don’t care - as long as I stay above the floor price I know I’m making a reasonable profit.

When using the blueprint tool the invention cost needs to be manually adjusted for the number of runs, otherwise it works great.

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EVE IPH can give you the full build list including reactions. There are some bugs in the shopping list (hope to fix soon) but you should see all buildable components there for the item.


ok ok…
production tree (very partial… sorry i am tired)

Hi there, i see that you wanna be able to build your own things? @Hyperion_Kado has actually created a spreadsheet for things like this, Let me grab a link… https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c2Ra3DYp5M5bAGkZIC7LaFk4yJx0Os_uSdPE4Vhez2Y/edit?usp=sharing Make a copy of this so you can input your own character info so it’s private :slight_smile: don’t do it on that link, make a copy first! if you need help join the discord server https://discord.gg/JEVaFuk and i’ll be there, my name is SkippTekk

Note on that Sheet ESI data is currently down as GESI is having fun dealing with Google right now (Though should be fixed soon) so you need to do some manual adding of things before the sheet will function currently (You will be able to calc T2 jobs down to raw goo and such but it wont take into account assets you currently have in order to show you what you are missing)

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soooo… [deleted]

for now my conclusion is like “t2 requires Reactions, they are complicated, PI is not, why i did not start PI 2 years ago???”

Did yeah get it working? :slight_smile: Seems like you had a question but it seems you may had it working.

no i could not

BTW Dragonfly requires
18 different moon matrials
16 first level reactiona
7 second level reactions


IPH breaks this all down for you.

may you show screen shot

Join the discord if possible but I think what you want to do is filter it out based on what you have? Or you want to select specific materials? You can add it to the shopping list and remove items there (note there are some bugs still with this and reactions) or update with assets you have if you load your api.

so you cant select/copy items in the right table?

Copy to clipboard or add to shopping list.