T3 sp loss

Will ccp ever remove the sp loss upon t3 cruisers destruction? To me honestly it feels just annoying and with the nerfs they ve been receiving in the last couple of years, quite frankly, they are no longer really worth the risk. Do they perform better than faction or t2 in most cases? Yes… and in fact they are already way more expensive.


I noticed that several of the CSM candidates mention T3C balance in their candidate statements (with at least one mentioning the SP loss). I haven’t gone through the whole list yet, but at least Seddow, Teddy GBYC, and Winzentowitsch Madevada have mentioned it (all WH candidates, btw). Anyway, there does seem to be a growing sentiment that the T3C’s are underpowered considering the SP loss and the strengths of alternatives. I don’t know what are the chances that their skill loss will get removed (which I personally would like to see), but I’d imagine that they will get a buff of some sort relatively soon (perhaps even within the next year).

It would take a team of CCP developers six months to implement a change like this.


It probably somehow touches the POS code and therefore cannot be changed.

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They could get rid of the skill point loss when your ship is destroyed, but then you would get the skill point loss whenever you docked. They wouldn’t test it before release, either, it would go straight to TQ.


It took about a year to make the red dot optional didn’t it?

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