The T3 Skill Death Penalty Needs To End Immediately

With the latest T3 nerf, this penalty is beyond ridiculous–unless CCP is just looking for a way to sell skill injectors. END IT NOW.


What? :thinking:

I love that guy, lmao. He truly found the winning formula.

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well , i kinda agree…
in the old times the t3 was just better than other cruisers
today is a dam mean hunter and explorer but not OP as it was
is much more balanced
no need for death penalty IMO


Aw man you had to cycle to a new alt already?

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@Brisc_Rubal yes or no
Aren’t you in favor of getting CCP to get rid of the death penalty for T3C?

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It’s on my list (#46). There is no need for it anymore. I have talked to CCP about this as recently as this week.


They already just got a 100% damage reduction thanks to now being worthless to fly, can’t lose SP if you don’t fly one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Worthless? How so?

covert spec ones are losing slots to run stuff for new changes.

mechanics of covert and nullication are changing

and now people will spam anti cloak to probe and find them

Unless in WH T3C is just a very expensive lossmail to be in low/null its looking like.

Last change had them not the hi sec monsters they used to be. Blitzing they can do. And…that’s about it.

Gila and others have started to replace them on the CA circuits as well.

In short soon you are no worse off in pirates/faction or hacs. and these don’t wipe out 5 days of training (assuming like a any good t3c pilot you have all subs 5) on loss.

People still fly T3?


Because 3 is greater than 2

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lol fair point

3 times worse lol

Even with all the nerfs, T3 Cruisers are still good for running PvE content.

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Now, I am the last person wanting to be seen calling a ship useless, so if thats how it came across I totally retract it.

I just havent looked at my Legion or Tengu sionce I got a bunch of Sacrileges a couple years back.

But I grant folkll find a use.

I just dont find em quite as much use as I thought I did a few years back.

Yeah, I use to use my Loki all the time, mostly for exploration and Level 4 Epic Arcs, been a while now since I last used it. Basically stopped when the Trig crap started and switched over to doing Trade, been piloting a Travel Ceptor and BR as needed ever since.

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BR is still on of my favourite classes of all time.

I doubt Ill put one of these new Nullifiers on it though. I like it as it is.

With my clone implants, I have my BR fit for sub 2s align to warp with cloak for travel.

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Because no other ship looks as awesome as a Tengu along with its rate of fire and overheating.