There is already such little disincentive to losing a ship. The T3Cs are one of the strongest and most versatile SubCaps in the game. The rig removal and customization make the T3Cs one of the best ships. the low SP required also makes it fast to get into vs T2 cruisers. There needs to be a death disincentive.

I love flying my Tengu! I just lost one too. I still say keep the SP lose. The SP lose is part of what makes flying the T3Cs fun. Theres more rush, more excitement because everytime I undock, it’s not just a ship.

Bring back the SP lost for clone death also! This game needs more death disincentive!

The counters, skill injector… That’s several hundred million isk… CCP, keep the skill lose. more ppl will by plex to isk to keep the skills in. Less skilled pilots need the added risk too to hone those flying techniques

Too many people will flood back to the T3C… the Skill lose is a great way to keep the ship worth flying for the roles it has without making it the dominant doctrine like the HACs.

I dont care about all the pilots crying about losing the SPs, I just lost mine and I learned from my mistake. The SP lose has made me better. I want to keep getting better and that wont happen without the disincentives.

Don’t water down the T3Cs.

It is already done, son.

Their already watered down.


There will ALWAYS be someone to ■■■■■ and whine about any change that CCP makes. A change is made, and they burst out of the woodwork with the absolutely dumbest of talking points. It’s almost impressive.



By the way, there appears to be a ton of support for the change from different communities, so I don’t think this is going to gain a lot of traction.

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I’m not sure I like the removal of T3C SP loss.

The T3Cs are clearly designed with the SP loss mechanic in mind. Why else would we have 4 different subsystem skills we had to train for each ship, rather than just have all that SP in the main ship skill?

The SP loss mechanic for T3Cs also gave interesting choices, where you can choose to leave certain subsystem skills at level 4 rather than 5 to more quickly train it back in case of death, or train it to level 5 to have optimal performance with a higher penalty in the T3Cs. You could even train some of the subsystems to 5, while keeping others at 4 and hoping that you’d lose one of the level 4s on death.

We’re losing that part of the gameplay when SP loss for T3Cs is removed.

I’m not convinced SP loss removal is the right way. I mean, I like that something is done to make T3Cs more viable, but I’d rather have seen them become more powerful and worth the SP loss than this.

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I guess the sp loss will be transfered to titans.

You learned from your mistake, not from the SP loss.


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Eve is a weak and easy game. .really noob friendly. SP loss wont change that.

When the weak no longer have to fear the strong you get this. Pathetic

I have nearly twice the skillpoints invested in Tengu vs Cerb. You won’t be able to use the dynamics of the “most versatile SubCaps in the game” without substantially more training than you would a T2 cruiser that is specialized for it’s role. Eve isn’t a game about getting into a ship, it is about min/maxing and there is no better example than T3 cruisers.

That same argument applies to fitting as well. To truly get the most out of a T3 you invariably need some bling. You don’t need that to fit the role of Assault Cruisers. Compare the fittings of Tengus lost to Cerberus lost:

My point is that T3C are a bigger investment in time and ISK and no longer warrant SP loss after they were rebalanced. Especially with the nullification changes.


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