TAABE / Unreasonable Bastards - USTZ Low-Class Wormholes

Follow me to Valhalla! Despite the name…we are actually quite reasonable :slight_smile: Older corp (4 years) with members who have been around a long time, but seeking some new blood. Bastards is the alliance name, corp is found as The Alabaster Albatross in-game.

About Us:

βˆ™ Primary activity USTZ - 21:00-05:00 EVE Time
βˆ™ We live in a C2
βˆ™ PVP Focused
βˆ™ Small but tightly knit group
βˆ™ 0% Tax

What we look for in a recruit:

βˆ™ Active in corp
βˆ™ Mature, non-shitlords
βˆ™ Self-Sufficient Players
βˆ™ Active on comms (Discord)
βˆ™ Full ESI for all characters
βˆ™ Interested in combat, industry, and/or exploration
βˆ™ No loudmouths, know-it-alls, bigots, or racists - memelords accepted :slight_smile:
βˆ™ Can ideally fly some heavier ships - T3s, Logi, etc. (although we’re open to newer players if it’s the right fit)


In-Game Channel: TAABE Public
Public Discord: https://discord.gg/PQHUJ9Q


βˆ™ Murkar Omaristos
βˆ™ Old Dog Shepherd

For recruitment questions, send mail to one of our recruiters or pop into: TAABE Public (or better yet, our public discord - see above) for a chat.

el bumperino :slight_smile:

bump. Join us!

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