Unreasonable Bastards: USTZ Low-class wormhole PVP


Our KB: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98311606/

Despite the alliance name…we are sometimes reasonable! :slight_smile:


Late USTZ. TAABE is a fun corp with nice people and active small-gang wormhole PVP. We are a pretty laid back wormhole community living in a C4, and a great place to learn if you are interested in w-space. We provide an active environment for small-gang PVP. Fun people to play with, and some experienced wormholers willing to fly with and teach new recruits.

You (Ideally):

  • Friendly, laid back (don’t be a dick, basically)
  • Interested in small gang PVP
  • Active on comms
  • Login time 02:00-04:00
  • Self sufficient
  • Min 15mil SP


  • Friendly, tight-knit group of small gang PVP-focused players
  • Pretty laid back
  • Live in a C4->C4/C5

Interested in joining? Hop in our recruitment discord at: https://discord.gg/5B8pwJ4

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