The Alabaster Albatross [TAABE] - Low-class (C2) Wormhole PVP

Join the group with the worst corp name in the game :smiley:

Recent PVP videos:

Is this small gang?
The Rusty Krab

Our killboard:

Despite the alliance name…we are sometimes reasonable :slight_smile: Late USTZ C2 wormhole PVP corp. Seeking one, maybe two new recruits who are a good fit with the rest of our group.

You (Ideally):

  • Interested in small gang PVP

  • Active on comms

  • Login time 24:00-06:00

  • Self sufficient

  • Min 15mil SP


  • Friendly, tight-knit group of PVP-focused players

  • Pretty laid back

Interested in joining? Hop in our recruitment discord at:

Other recruitment questions - join in-game channel ‘TAABE Public’ or contact Hodd Lol

bumpity bump :slight_smile:

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